Earth Medicine

By: Aaron Deisher

Yet again, yet again; thoughts compel my will to dance with old foes. The machine is unforgiving, fueled by countless minds whose fear swells the breast of the beast. We are all human, at least we used to be. My skills as a warrior have run out of styles, too many, too many. Your face familiar, yet I succumb. Where are heaven’s prairies and its angels? I only see humans. 

I walk a path of accountability, this is my struggle as I am lied to by many. Lost in my eyes whose sight unveils a world full of false prophets. I search within and look to my feet. I raise my arms toward the night sky and sing to the stars. I chant to my spirit, I see you. I trust the Earth as people will lie to you. The Earth will not.
If God did unmask the veil, we wouldn’t believe it unless our phones and government told us to. To sit with the Earth is to hear divinity in its song. To protect the Earth is duty. As a species, if we could let go of our fear together, placing it into the Earth and not each other; we could learn our true age and your spirit will sing, inspired by pure Earth medicine.
Slow down, slow down; the pace is killing you. Your watch traps you, one of many keystones whose purpose is to lure you into the machine and its webs. Let your spirit know the cycles of time through the Earth. See the moon and know what time it is; see the sun and know what time it is.
Something within you awakens, your mind can no longer fool you. Learn from the Earth’s ancient libraries, through its trees and sacred waters. These frequencies will begin to awaken your spirit. Every human on Earth has a voice, imagine the power if we use that voice to see then heal our pain? That voice would rival any church or technology. The Earth would hear us, the universe would hear us.
Let us Pray!

Aaron Deisher’s background in Fire fighting, Public Safety and Martial Arts Instruction; combined with studying and living aspects of Shamanism and Earth Medicine, establishes an authentic blueprint as a Soul Therapy Counselor. Since 2012, Aaron has connected with people through and in his community to counsel and inspire others through emotional, physical, mental and spiritual transitions. His Shamanic influences come from studying Native American cultures through his mentors with ancestral connections to Lakota Sioux.  In 1992 Aaron had a near death experience when assaulted in a parking lot of a restaurant in Ann Arbor,MI. Through this experience, he developed an extraordinary connection with universal energy leading to a higher perception, sense of spirituality and a deeper understanding of how our lives are shaped by the diverse relationships and experiences we share.  Because of this gift, Aaron takes great steps to respect his connections with others and honor the journey of the Soul.

Services: To book a session with Aaron go to our Contact Us page on and Aaron will contact you to answer any questions you have or to schedule your session. Sessions are via phone or Skype.

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