The River

No ONE can define The River.  The only ONE that can define the other is itself.  Life is The River…

gaia angel

We are all diverse BEings, interconnected in the web of Life, each with their own special Gift that contributes to the Whole.  The intricate thread of Life Creates a web of ONEness.  Just as the tree produces the acorn for the squirrel we each have a Purpose.  It is only by Accepting one another’s diversity and our own that we will see that each ONE of us has something to contribute to the Whole.

The River is Powerful and there is always a new choice to be made in order to change direction.  Its energy runs in the infinite pattern of the Creator always coming back to the same place so there is an opportunity to make a new decision.  The crossroads that continually come up is our Spirit saying “make a new decision, just this once”.  The River brings us what we put our energy into so to change course or direction all we have to do is redirect our energy.  We can perpetuate Kindness and embrace Diversity choosing to See or Think about things in a different way.  By making a simple choice to find Kindness and Beauty in all we see we can change the vibration of the Whole and the web of Life.  People, places, things, and circumstances are only as important as the energy we give it – Positive or negative, it is up to us to choose.  We can choose to Honor Diversity as Diversity is the Web of Life!

Honor EveryONE that you meet.  Look and Hear and Feel them with an Open Heart and an Open Mind.  Honor them ALL and Find the keys to unlock their Beauty withIN.  We are all mirrors and what we see in the mirror is what we choose to see, it is up to us as to what we are looking FOR.

Honor Life and Love whether you are saying goodbye or saying hello.  Honor the Earth as she is our Mother and the Giver of Life.  Honor the Heart whether it is lost in sorrow or shining bright for all the world to see.  Honor the Art whether it is a masterpiece worth millions or a hopscotch pattern drawn on the ground with sidewalk chalk.  Honor the grassroots people who make a difference everyday.  Honor the Music whether it’s a top ten hit or your child’s violin screeching in your ear driving you half mad.  Honor the writing that touches your Heart whether it changed your Life or made you smile.   Honor your parents and your children, sisters and brothers, husbands and wives  for you wouldn’t be a family without them.  Honor your body whether you are an athlete or letting it all hang out.  Honor your sexual preference because God made you Perfect just the way you are.  Honor your emotions as they let you know what brings Joy to your Life and what brings resistance.  Honor yourSELF whether you are having a rough go of it or you are on top of the World.  Honor those who are Healing from loss and trauma whether they chose it or someone else did.  Honor Heaven by reaching Christ Consciousness.  Honor Life by embracing diversity.

The River is undefined until it defines itself.  I AM undefined until I define MYself.  Life is The River…

Music to drive it Home:

Natasha Bedingfield ~ Unwritten

gaia mother

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9 thoughts on “The River

  1. Good morning, moon hippy mystic.
    Thanks 4 u r openess, 4 U r struggling with life, with U r self. 4 U r words and thoughts. U r creativity. Thanks 4 the song 2. It fits completely with the text U wrote. Both touched me very deep.
    Can I swim? Do I trust the river? Can I let go? Floating free?
    In U r words I feel a big desire 2 swim free and let go, but I also feel the diversity in U. I think U R not ready 2 swim. Theres still 2 much need 4 control. Unconditional trust means: just float and see, where the river brings U. Trust the river and trust U r floating. Free.
    The song gives me/U(?) the answers. Open up U r arms. Leave U r inhibitions. Be LOVE and LIGHT. Unconditional.
    ❤ ❤ Nomad1.

    • Nomad1,

      My mother Loves me so…sometimes she whispers gently like the breeze and sometimes she roars like The River. It feels as if she comes through me as the Mother to speak to her children and yesterday she told me about The River. Time is a River…we always have the choice to change direction. I was putting my energy into something that no longer suited me so I came to a crossroad over and over again. I kept making the decision to put my energy where it didn’t belong until I made the decision to put my energy into something Positive and New. Redirecting negative energy into something New and Positive brings about Great change in order to float on calm waters instead of fighting to swim upstream. Very liberating and FREE…

      Much Love,

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