Magic 101

By: Aaron Deisher                                                                 

Late October, Hallows eve nears.

A wondrous magical energy stirs, commanding my senses.  Spirits of the universe tickle my soul. I am awake, I want to play.  Magic is everywhere. Guided by the elements, my guardians, a path reveals itself.  Mysterious kinetic energies warm my soul, a gentle light pulling me to an unknown destination, with a trusting heart I follow………

A playful spirit teases me, curious and excited,  I sense my church is close.  Awaken to hypnotic sounds of cosmic rhythms of beautifully weathered scrub oak leaves, each one independently vibrating sharing its poetry brought to life by heavenly whispers showering my ears with wondrous sounds. I surrender, I am listening.  Lost in an orgasmic bliss of unfamiliar vibrations, each one unique singing the secrets of knowledge.  I hear you…..

Eyes open, powerless, humbled by a heavenly timeless topography of earth’s beautifully near indescribable landscapes.  My eyes honored, bearing witness to the element earth, our mother.  Brilliant endless skies dominating created from translucent blue energies, spirits of earth.

Commanded by the sun an eternity of tiny elemental crystals consumes this natural rock formation.  Its armor forged with diamonds.  Illuminated crystals begin to speak, filling the universe with a collage of magical colors tirelessly sparkling. I see you………..

Beauty is everywhere. My senses acutely overwhelmed by such love. Spiritual assassins of the human soul no longer tempt me.  These ninja demons now defeated, never existing.  I mark this sanctuary.   A symbol of love, a circle with the four arms of life projecting from its flanks, each arm an element.   A portal now created.

Lighter and strong my soul flows with love and magic.  The universe is generous always teaching those who listen. I am awake……………………….

Mystical blue spirits of mother earth reveal themselves, dancing in the sky and playing with the trees, my soul now free carried by divine messengers of the god and goddess.  I come to you from a place of love, my path clear I embrace my purpose.

I call upon the universe, mother earth, the moon and the elements…..hear me!  With this knowledge I forever commit my soul, I honor love and life with a passion fueled by a thousand stars, my shield forged with courage will forever guard the eternal power and magic of the human soul…………..I See You……I am Seen……I’m Alive…….I’m awake…………………

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The Calling

The Calling
There is a Beautiful, Spiritual place here in Colorado called Sunrise Ranch Spiritual Retreat & Conference Center.  They are doing Amazing things in the Creative Field and offer a great many programs for Renewal, Learning, and Transformation.  David Karchere, who is the Spiritual Director, wrote this piece that spoke to me in so many ways.  With his permission I am publishing it here.  Please visit their website at or you can find them on Facebook at  Thank You, David…
From the star-lit inner realms of being,
I speak of unfolding beauty,
Timeless reality,
And the opportunity which arrives new born with the morning sun.
I evoke remembrance
Of your deepest calling,
Your truest reality,
And your cosmic place
Here and now,
Holding this cycle of creation.
From out of the whirlwind,
At the center of creation,
I speak.
I am the peaceful center of being.
I am stillness in the midst of the turning world,
At rest and assured,
In the middle of the human drama.
I am your strength because I am constant and unmoving in my love.
I am your wisdom because I am the reality you seek.
I am your blessing, to be received by you and given to your world.
I am calling to you even now
From the Unseen.
Closer to you than the breath you take.
In dreams and thoughts I come,
In your restless urge
That will never settle for the trinkets
Of the world.
Hear me now as I say this one thing to you.
Take your place.
Take your place.
Be where you belong
In thought,
In feeling,
In awareness,
In answering the calling of your life,
The calling of the Reality you are,
And which you serve.
Join me, dear one,
At the center of the storm,
Inside the clamor and the noise,
Cloaked in my love,
Bathed in my peace,
Overflowing with my joy.
You belong here.
And from here
You may bring
The transforming, uplifting power
Of the whirlwind
Into the phenomenal world.
Remember now,
Remember now,
Your place in this home among the stars,
You were not put here by accident
On this blue-green orb,
The third planet from the sun.
You and your friends made her,
And are restoring her now,
Beginning with her crowning creation,
Man and woman
Made in the image and likeness of who you truly are.
The morning stars shout for joy!