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  1. I made the effort but really long your damage article. What I can tell you the day of new moon and full moon are two loaded days in negativity, I see that you need to empty your bag. But you know when it’s too long rare if visitors read your article to the end.
    Tomorrow is the full moon and you fell in the Panel, it should get better after tomorrow I wish you

    Listen to it will do you good, it is a Mantra 😉

  2. Your inspiring article reminds me (again) of the fact that we’re all experiencing life so that we can move forward on our paths towards Light and self-fulfilment. And we reach steps when we’re ready to.
    Because time has come, these last weeks have been fantastically rich and often difficult at the same time. However, I realize we all make so much progress and things of the past are being released at a fast pace.
    I now am getting my life back on the right track after a few years of depression: my awakening and my ascension I guess!
    Eventually, I wanted to tell you that I needed to understand that “I can never look back at my life with regret because my whole life has led me to this moment”.

    A mere Thank You that comes from my heart.
    Cheers from France!🙂

    • Thank You so much for writing this so openly from your Heart! I understand where you’re coming from very well. Depression was a very familiar “security blanket” for me and I had to recognize this in order to release it. Then I was Grateful for having recognized it and even Grateful that I had it to protect me as I must have needed protecting. When the Light of Ascension shines it brings up past issues and this is why many abandon their Spiritual Path because they think it’s not “working” as these issues are tough to process. However, I’ve come to know that it is a process and there are no “mistakes”, only Lessons to be Learned and Gratitude for the Lessons as I Learn them. We are all different in this process and should be Patient with ourselves as we go through it…it’s so worth it in the “end”, right?

      Love & Cheers from Colorado!


  3. Life is really a struggle, I know. Remember that your son has his own journey and hard lessons to learn. He needs to learn them the hard way just like we did. Emotional pain is a difficult lession to learn and he will have to go through it also. I wish you all the love on your journey of self discovery.

    • Hi Jackie,
      Thank you for your comment and I agree with you to an extent. My “conflict” is that my son is suffering “karmic” issues that have been passed down from generation to generation. In other words, it’s not a child’s fault if their parents don’t have the “blueprint” and their parents didn’t have the blueprint, etc., etc….
      I don’t think our children should have to suffer emotionally because their parents are “traumatized” and I don’t think that Life has to be difficult or hard for them. I understand that now he will have to go through emotional pain but I See this pain as being unnecessary and most of the reasons that he will have to endure this pain are not his fault. If we as parents learned to put our children’s emotional needs before our own they would grow up with a strong Sense of Self and be empowered in understanding all of the things that are available to them in Life instead of all of the things that aren’t. Yes, Life can be painful and difficult which is why things like Unconditional Love and Happiness are things that must be Learned as much as they may seem “simple”. If these things aren’t learned at some point Life can become much more “difficult” than it needs to be, does that make sense? I teach my daughter these things and she has a completely different outlook on Life as she is very positive, happy, and knows she is Loved. My son is learning the opposite such as Love has conditions, the “bad” things that happen are someone else’s fault, to look for the “lack” in everything instead of the Good in anything, and to judge others instead of looking inside. So, I See this as 2 different blueprints and yes, my daughter will know “heartbreak” as we all do but her Life is already less complicated because she has a Sense of Self and Unconditional Love in her Life. In other words, she will know “blips” of loss in her Life but she won’t actually be consumed by negative energy as many of us are and I believe that this is unnecessary as well. I’ve been on both sides and very recently so I am very aware of the difference it makes when you have a Positive Energy as opposed to negative energy…this is where the Universal Law of Attraction comes into play as we create in Life what we think about so it’s a choice as to whether we manifest negative things or Positive things into our Lives. If a child Learns this at a young age than they will have a much Richer, more Fulfilling Life!

      Much Love to you and your family, Jackie. Thank you for writing and your well wishes…they really do mean a lot, to me!


  4. I really feel that you are sharing yourself no matter what. My Xmas was not so hot either but still some things to be grateful for. You express yourself very well and I expect your next work to be exceptional. Love and Light to you dear brave Sister. You are an inspiration.
    P.S. The lesson I got was to understand better – that it is not what happens but more importantly how we let it influence us. This makes all the difference on how the veils separate us from God. Sometimes I wish there was an easier way to learn!!! But that is how it is.

    • Chermay,
      You are always such a Bright Light, Thank You! Yes, I believe it is how we Learn to deal with things that makes the difference. For me, Unconditional Love puts me into the flow of Positive, Creative energy that is the Creator, Forgiveness released me from my past, Gratitude keeps me grounded in the “present”, and my Faith along with exercising the Law of Attraction keeps me from my worries of the future. These are my “keys”, so far, and I continue to grow and learn the more I practice them. Sometimes I also wish there were an easier way but as I shed my “layers” and look back on what I’ve accomplished in such a short amount of time I feel so Grateful that I’ve been able to find my way to a place of Peace unlike any I’ve ever known. It’s well worth being “uncomfortable” for a moment in order to embrace the Light as I come through the other side which is why I Trust in the process.

      Happy New Year, Chermay!

      Love Always,

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