The Universe says “Hi”…


By: Aaron Deisher


A gentle whisper tickles my ears, eyes now open.

An unconscious soul awakens, embracing an endless network of roots; each one full of wondrous gifts.

Drawn to my maker, wild energies dance on my mind; HI.

Shadows of  Love consume the night sky, I listen without fear.

Brilliant spirits of light touch my face.  My soul flowers, my emotions balanced; HI.

Awake, the moon’s translucent light gives life, unveiling rhythmic spirits of the universe, playing wildly, running through the night sky; HI.

Focused, my senses activate, embraced with love, I am seen.

Free to play and explore.  The night sky fills with secrets carried by a gentle rhythm; HI.

Ever lighter, no more tears rain from my soul.  I am life, full of eternal energy forever in motion, charged with passion to pursue timeless knowledge.

You are everything and anything.  A light that is always on.  I am seen and will forever see you.  I am alive; HI.

My Soul


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