Soul Therapy, shadow work and intuitive guidance for the mind, body and spirit

Aaron Deisher has practiced aspects of Soul Guidance and Earth Medicine for over 25 years.  His unique experience and abilities enable him to see and attune into the individual psyche to effectuate change and balance. When we are in distress or conflict; the mind, body and spirit have a way of letting us know. Sometimes we are the last to know what ails us and need a little inspiration along our path. Aaron’s intuitive abilities provide the insight necessary to guide other’s through soul therapy and a journey into the mind, body and spirit. As a Guide and Mentor, Aaron draws upon his connections to the Earth and Spirit to create and assist in an authentic awakening into a higher state of consciousness. Aaron has a unique understanding of the human psyche and resonates a sacred space to process pain, address emotional imbalance and design a spiritually solid foundation for growth and acceptance.

What to expect: During a session, Aaron connects with the individual’s energy signature to interpret information including past lives, core issues and root cause of past or current traumas. He uses this universal and individualized knowledge to encourage understanding and healing of emotional and spiritual experiences.

Energy Signature: Aaron can sense five fields of energy from an individuals source energy, consciousness or soul. Each field contains bits of information that a person carries with them everyday. Soul memories, emotional experiences such as addiction or trauma and spiritual oppressoin will effect the presentation of a person’s energy signature. Each field has it’s own color and vibrational pattern.

The first field that is closet to the body is where you find the general condition of ones spirit. The second field encompasses insight into past lives and memories to present. The third field reflects your emotional health and well-being in its current state. The fourth field shows the current state or health of the physical body. Finally, the fifth field represents your current mood or mental state. It is also the fifth field that most of us can feel or sense if someone is really in a good mood or not.  This is energy that comes from the soul and we all have the inherent ability to sense and feel one another’s energy fields.

Earth Medicine: As an intuitive Guide, Aaron connects with the elements and the spirit world to help others through their Journey or experience.  Earth Medicine is for people of all beliefs, ethnicities and identities who want a deeper relationship with Mother Earth .

Background: Aaron’s background in Fire fighting, Public Safety and Martial Arts Instruction; combined with studying and living  aspects of Shamanism and Earth Medicine, establishes an authentic blueprint as a Soul Therapy Counselor. Since 2012, Aaron has connected with people through and in his community to counsel and inspire others through emotional, physical, mental and spiritual transitions. His Shamanic influences come from studying Native American cultures through his mentors with ancestral connections to Lakota Sioux.  In 1992 Aaron had a near death experience when assaulted  in a parking lot of a restaurant in Ann Arbor,MI. Through this experience, he developed an extraordinary connection with universal energy leading to a higher perception, sense of spirituality and a deeper understanding of how our lives are shaped by the diverse relationships and experiences we share.  Because of this gift, Aaron takes great steps to respect his connections with others and honor the journey of the Soul.

Services: To book a session with Aaron go to our Contact Us page on and Aaron will contact you to answer any questions you have or to schedule your session. Sessions are via phone or Skype.

1 Session (60 Minutes):  $60

3 Sessions (180 Minutes): $135