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Private Phone/Skype Session

We’re here and ready to listen. Our sessions allow for an authentic connection for one to see through the fog of life with clarity and walk your own path with balance and integrity. If you feel inspired we are here to share your journey with respect and honesty. We can provide insight from the imprints or memories that have bonded themselves around your spirit or energy signature. Private phone/skype sessions are $50/hour.  We also offer an introductory 30 minute session to establish a mutually respectful and trusting connection. From there, we can create an exclusive package of sessions and readings. To book your session, please e-mail us at or go to our Contact Us page for scheduling. Clients will be invoiced for payment upon scheduling or click below to pay via Paypal.  References available upon request.



Energy Signature Reading with Aaron

Aaron ‘s ability to connect with spirit, including animals and departed loved ones, has a profoundly healing effect for those on a spiritual and emotional journey. He also has the ability to connect with trauma and rooted emotional issues bringing validation with solutions. If you feel stuck or lost and would like a guide, we highly suggest booking a Energy Signature Reading with Aaron. Sessions are available via phone or Skype and include a comprehensive written reading. The written portion of the reading includes an exclusive method of interpreting the auric field via an energy band that includes 5 different fields of interpretation.  Aaron asks that you put heartfelt intention into a question or issue that seeks clarification before your session allowing him access to the spiritual/emotional/mental plane; the individual energy signature. To book your session, please e-mail us at or go to our Contact Us page for scheduling. Clients will be invoiced for payment upon scheduling or click below to pay via Paypal.  References available upon request.



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About Blueprints for Butterflies:

Jennifer Deisher  is the foundation and Author of the Moon Hippie Mystic blog and co-founder of  Blueprints For Butterflies with her husband, Aaron. She & Aaron founded Blueprints For Butterflies as a safe, loving space to guide individuals with the challenges of balancing the mind,body and spirit. To book a private healing session or reading; please visit or contact us at  References available upon request.


Aaron Deisher has studied and practiced aspects of Earth Medicine for over 25 years. His experience comes from connections with people. Each person is their own universe of beliefs and experiences. Using natural energies of the Earth, Aaron provides spiritual & emotional Guidance and intuitive insight into ones journey . His gift of logic and compassion provides an authentic connection with spirit. Aaron specializes in the art of human relationships and has the ability to interpret energy signatures and auric fields. He gently brings darkness to light by identifying and assisting with the release of toxic energy.   To book a private session, please visit, click here or e-mail us at  References available upon request.

Thank you for stopping by Blueprints for Butterflies!

8 comments on “Readings

  1. I woke up from a dream I had between 410 and 430 July 1 with a massage of change, reading something that came from your page helped me clear my thought “you have to go through failure in order to see success” those aren’t the exact words but that was the massage I got its currently 523 in the morning

  2. Read your quantum mechanics article. Were you aware that in the book “Lost Scriptures, Books that did not make it into the new testament” The Gospel of Mary references the ROOT? “… For the nature of matter is resolved into the roots of it’s nature alone. He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”

  3. I have been having butterflies coming to me a lot or getting my attention at least. Even landing on me and not wanting to leave. It must be a medicine sign. It seems I have followed them here and think maybe there is some message for me or some help you can give me. I seem to need it. I will not go into detail, but as unfocused as my everyday life is, this jumble I experience every day needs to stop. Please email me. What should I do? Can you help me?

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  5. Earlier this year I sent out an intention to the universe that it was time to get serious about what it is I know, The next day I came into contact with Jennifer who then introduced me to Aaron. My journey has exploded into facets never before explored. Puzzle pieces of my existence suddenly falling into place. These two are truly amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!

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