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Artwork by Natalia Koreshkova: http://www.nataliakoreshkova.com/

It’s time to really begin to embrace our Eternal Essence of Love and our Infinite nature as Creators on this “Earthly” plane of existence.  I have ONE thing that keeps coming up for me over and over again and I know I’m not alone in this.  The Truth is that to completely embody our Divinity we have to recognize that we are Limitless BEings in both Spirit and potential.  As I watch the flood waters continue to rise in my home state of Colorado it occurs to me, as it has for a very long time, that we cannot put a “price tag” on Mother Nature which means we also can’t put a price tag on ourselves and our potential.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to Live in a “moneyless” society?  I know some may get a bit offended about this kind of thing because, in my opinion, it’s something that has been “used” to keep us deeply asleep due to fear.  However, debt “slavery” is very real and, as with all things in this process, it needs to at least be recognized before it can be released and resolved.  Where would you be if money weren’t an “issue” and what would you be doing?  The answer is always going to be that we would be somewhere we Love or we’ve always wanted to go and we would be doing something we’ve always wanted to try or we already Love doing.  This isn’t always the case when we are running on the “hamster wheel” that has been Created to KEEP us running and working for “the man” (whoever “the man” is?).  It occurred to me several years ago, when I was a Flight Attendant with United during their bankruptcy, that the odds are not stacked in most of our favor.  While the CEO and Board of Directors were busy cutting the pay of the people who kept the business running they were also busy lining their pockets with millions of dollars in bonus checks that, let’s face it, they didn’t need.  It seems that this isn’t a new “philosophy” in business as has been demonstrated over and over again as the “big guy” profits while the “little guy” struggles desperately to maintain some form of control in order to “survive”.

It’s a difficult thing to be en gratis and also in “survival” mode.  In other words, we can’t be in “lack” and Gratitude at the same time so it’s a great challenge to Create a Limitless world when many are struggling financially.  The thing is that we are ALL Worthy of BEing provided for, and as a matter of fact, the use of money in our society is quite “un-evolved” in the bigger picture.  Our planet, Mother Earth, has given us everything and more that we need to survive and Her resources are there for ALL of her children, not just a “select” few as we’ve been taught to believe.  We are all Worthy of clean water, electricity, food, healthcare, and shelter but we’ve been taught that if we don’t have the money we must “suffer” in order to survive.  It’s impossible to put a dollar amount on the Value of the Human Spirit so who are these “powers” that keep us from Thriving at our fullest potential and why?  These are questions worth researching and what you may find will quite possibly surprise and maybe even anger you a bit.

Imagine if everywhere you went and everyone you met was Happy and Thriving!  Imagine a world where Scientists were Free to study and explore without the necessary “funding” from the government and where doctors were Free to explore new Healing techniques and cures without the influence of the pharmaceutical companies (who employ the government).  Imagine a world where there were no countries or borders and we are free to travel and explore new terrain and new cultures.  We have much to learn from each other in this way, do we not?  Imagine a world where people were truly Living, Learning, and Thriving without monetary limitation and the entire Earth was an endless wealth of information and experiences worthy of discovery.  It would be as if the entire Earth was a school or “mentorship” program in which we were all free to explore until we find our unique and individual Gifts.  Education, Science, Exploration, and Creativity would be the “new” industry.  We would learn the secrets of our planet and our history and learn to REbalance and Live in Harmony with ONE another and the Earth.  We would never again turn a blind eye to those who are hungry or homeless because we would be Evolved and Enlightened enough to recognize one another as “brother and sister” giving all Equal opportunity for jobs and education. It doesn’t mean people would stop “working” rather we would ALL be “working” at what we Love. Can you imagine the level of discovery in places like space, science, and healing?  Or what levels of Creativity that would be reached if there were no more “starving artists”?  How very much we have to Learn from one another through our experiences?  Also, can you imagine where we could go when we combine what we know about Spirituality and begin proving it (as they have already) through science and physics?  Not only is it a possibility it is also a necessity or will be at some point very soon.  Our planet is evolving and we must keep up by recognizing what we as a species have done to contribute to the situation in which we find ourselves.  It starts by doing the research and following the money trail but what we find there is quite disturbing and certainly not in balance with Nature.  We have governments who tax us relentlessly without any kind of representation while they spend more and more money on war.  In the meantime, cities like Detroit sit bankrupt and “abandoned” while prices increase in every area all while we are being “told” that our economy is recovering.  We have people who will work ANY job, sometimes 2-3 jobs, in order to “survive” all while someone else raises our children and our education system teaches them to “be quiet and fit in”.  If our children are Fortunate they can “race” to the top by means of college scholarship but most are “stuck” paying back student “loans” to the government at a great cost and for many years.  In other words, our children are in “debt” before they’re even born and it’s up to us as parents to protect them by informing ourselves.   It’s really a vicious circle and there are very few people in the bigger picture who say they really enjoy what they do for “work”.  The fact of the matter is that our government doesn’t have the best interests of the People at Heart and haven’t since the Federal Reserve was created back in 1913 but it’s up to us to do the research and find our Voice.

I’m very well read about the economic picture worldwide and it isn’t “pretty” especially when one takes into consideration that the United States government is very aware of what they are doing and why.  It cannot continue to be denied that the odds are stacked against most of us and “they” don’t plan on letting up anytime soon unless we become Aware and come together to find a different and better solution.  We have given our Power away to our elected officials and those who say they work within the Constitution all while picking and choosing when to follow the laws of the ONE People.  I read about “prosperity packages” that may come about but first we must educate ourselves about the “system” and the rules that have been taught to us since before most of us were even born.  No ONE is willingly going to give us prosperity if we don’t learn how and why we got into this situation in the first place.  We are Limitless but before we can embrace it we must find out where we have been “limited” in the first place.  We think of money earning potential as being “responsible” but really our responsibility lies in finding the Truth and releasing “judgments” that we have been taught to place on others who aren’t what we would call financially “stable”.  This “problem” is going to continue to get worse until we really let ourselves go deep down inside the rabbit hole I speak of so often.  There’s an organization who has been doing this work for a while and, as a matter of fact, they have Created a solution to this mess but it’s up to us to inform ourselves and others.  The One People’s Public Trust (since changed to I-UV) was Created by an international banking attorney who recognized that the United States government (and many other governments all over the world) are not governments but, in fact, corporations designed to keep us in “debt slavery”.  This rabbit hole goes very deep so please be prepared for what you find.  At the bottom of this article I’m going to leave some links so that those who need to can do the research so we can ALL be equally informed.

REmember that Love is Truly the only “religion”, especially when “religion” has taught us to be in judgment of others and taught us to kill one another in “God’s” name.  As Limitless Creators we can no longer allow ourselves to be limited in any area.  It is our Divine Birthright to Live in Freedom from oppression, monetary and otherwise.  We gave our Power away to the “powers that were” but we are already Creating a new world in which we can ALL Live and Thrive equally.  In order to rise above our “oppressors” we first have to recognize that they are there in the first place because we can’t RElease what we refuse to see and/or are in “denial” of.  The ONE thing that keeps most of us from Thriving to our fullest potential comes back to us in the form of our financial system.  Our elected officials are supposed to BE working for us and listening to our Voice so what happened?  I “challenge” you to find out…

Music to drive it Home – Let’s fly away from our “limitations”:

OPPT website: http://i-uv.com/oppt-absolute/

Free World Charter – Let’s make everything free (website): http://www.freeworldcharter.org/en

The UCC Connection (article): http://sitsshow.blogspot.com/2013/07/the-ucc-connection-how-uniform.html

Thrive Movie – What on Earth Will It Take?: http://www.thrivemovement.com/the_movie

The Story of Your Enslavement (video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xbp6umQT58A

Federal Reserve Act Remedy, no Lawful Money (article): http://sitsshow.blogspot.com/2013/08/federal-reserve-act-remedy-no-lawful.html

Mass Mind Control via Alienation and Traumatization (article): http://sitsshow.blogspot.com/2013/08/mass-mind-control-via-institutionalized.html

Blueprints for Butterflies offers Intuitive & Spiritual Life Coaching and Heart based therapy.  We are a husband/wife team who specialize in crisis situations as well as PTSD, depression, Parental Alienation Syndrome, and abuse situations (child, elderly, emotional, physical). Please e-mail us at blueprintsforbutterflies@gmail.com for more information.

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A Great Cleansing…

Happy Birthday, Dad!spiritual-journey

A Great Cleansing by Water is upon us and it shook me to my very core this last week.  I’m new at this writing thing.  As a matter of fact it’s been a year now since I started this blog.  I was fresh from a completely spontaneous Spiritual Awakening that left me upside-down traveling at the speed of Light and headfirst into a rabbit hole with no end in sight.  It’s been a year of intense Healing and New Beginnings on every level culminating in another Life changing experience last week.  The Lessons come hard and fast now and it can be relentless, especially for those of us who are Awake and traveling the Path of Spirit with All that we Are.  That’s what I’m doing anyway.  It came with a mighty force knocking the wind out of me on every level and leaving me in the hospital for a minute.  Here’s the deal…if it’s not Unconditional Love, it’s not going to work anymore.  Period.

I’ve learned with the writing thing that it’s not supposed to be about me but, hey, how can I share my Heart if it isn’t sometimes?  A Great Cleansing by Water is something I’ve felt so deeply for the last several months and that’s because it’s happening but the Water it is our Emotions that are BEing Cleansed as our “ego” is washed away.  This is why there is so much coming up for so many people right now, emotionally.  Time is speeding up and the River of Life is coming to the crossroads of our lessons more and more frequently.  Until we can really let go of our fear completely the current will continue to bring these hot button issues to the surface for release and Healing.  I’ve done that work and I’ve been doing that work intensely for the last year, nonstop it seems.  Once I found this Love nothing else mattered because it’s ALL that IS.  I Embody it and I Flow with it like the rambling River I speak of so often.  It grows and grows inside of my Heart as I gain more connections, both “here” and elsewhere because it is Limitless by its very definition.  I’ve met Amazing people and Learned so much from each and every ONE but recently it got more and more intense in terms of the issues because they were very close to Home for me.  It was my Crossroads and my past and my future and my NOW all at once.  “I See You” I would think, “I know you”.  I tell people all the time that Seeing our traumas is 90% of REleasing them.  They are tricky little ninja demons who like to stay hidden just beyond the periphery of our Emotional view and Intelligence, it is our “ego” mind fighting to stay alive for just a little bit longer.  REleasing traumas isn’t easy.  I AM so Honored to see such Courage of the Heart in watching people find their Spirit again.  There is nothing more Beautiful and more Real than the Human Spirit and it’s not something that anyONE can put a “price tag” on.  The Truth is that we can’t “Ascend” to any reality where our thoughts are made instantly manifest if our ego is still alive at all and that means all of our fears and traumas, my Friends.

When we are subject to trauma it creates a memory, of course.  When a memory is born from trauma it is quite different than a memory Created from Joy and Love.  What’s interesting is that these memories are not just embedded in our minds and Hearts but sometimes become embedded on a cellular level in our very DNA make-up, our molecular biology.  These memories can also be ONLY cellular when it’s something that we can’t remember such as an operation under anesthesia.  Our cellular body remembers the operation even if our mind doesn’t…a Soul memory if you will.  As we Ascend with Mother Earth on this Amazing journey we must cleanse ourselves of the traumas that were created in this Life and maybe even other Lives to boot.  Sometimes this involves facing some pretty intense fears (like, say…hospitals for example – just saying) and in doing so we come out the other side much stronger, Spiritually speaking.  We have to know all the way to our Cellular CORE that we ARE Unconditional Love and Loved Unconditionally.  REmember, fear and Love cannot co-exist, at ALL.  When our physical body dies and our Soul “crosses over” we begin the exact process that I describe as “Ascension”.  It is a Life review that involves a clearing and cleansing of all things that aren’t Unconditional Love which is our natural state of BEing.  We are, all of us, doing this together in our physical body as the collective of Humanity and it is such a Miraculous thing to be a part of!

I was so Blessed last week to come face to face with a deep-seated trauma and come out of it so strong and Alive in Spirit.  I didn’t feel Blessed at the time and was trying desperately not to “curse” my Angels and Masters who have guided me so delicately along this Life changing journey.  The thing is that when we’re in the thick and heavy part of REleasing and Forgiving and Loving ourselves it can be scary and overwhelming.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, that doesn’t resonate with Unconditional Love will be allowed to stay if we Truly commit to embark on the path of Spirit.  There are no shortcuts.  There is no negotiating or bargaining.  It is easy if you let go and hard if you don’t but when it’s done and the Light comes shining through the veil just a little bit brighter it is such a Joyous occasion to BEhold!  It can’t be described in words rather it’s an Emotion and it has to be allowed – it’s a Universal Law, after all (if you don’t know the 7 Universal Laws it is crucial that you learn: http://www.mind-your-reality.com/seven_universal_laws.html) .  It’s a stillness of Peace and Balance that stems from an infinite Love and the anticipation of a Joyous REunion with our Creator, our Loved ONEs, our Masters, and our Angels.  It is a Peaceful sea of Love in the moment of NOW where they are Everywhere present and waiting to connect with each and every ONE of us.  It’s so important right now, as things are surfacing so quickly, to stay in our Heart and Free from fear but sometimes it can’t be helped if one is processing because it’s part of the “Ascension” process.  And, it IS a process.  Our “self-work” is never, ever done because we are Infinite, Eternal BEings of Love and we never stop Creating our very best Self.  It is, and always has been, our great Purpose and Honor for BEing right here, right now.  It’s such an Amazing time to BE Alive and IN LOVE.    I AM so in Love with each and every ONE of you.  I AM Overjoyed to BE Here…

Music to drive it Home:

Blueprints for Butterflies offers Intuitive & Spiritual Life Coaching and Heart based therapy.  We are a husband/wife team who specialize in crisis situations as well as PTSD, depression, Parental Alienation Syndrome, and abuse situations (child, elderly, emotional, physical). Please e-mail us at blueprintsforbutterflies@gmail.com for more information.

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Come Undone…

come undone

Artwork by Josephine Wall – http://www.josephinewall.net

BE as a child in the Universe.  A great change is upon us which has been predicted throughout millennia from almost every culture and religion in the World.  Nothing is as it seems these days so instead of fighting the rushing tides of change it’s time to begin to differentiate what’s in the best interests of all BEings Living in your neighborhood.  It’s also worth taking into consideration that your neighborhood may be a lot bigger than you think.  There has never been a better time or opportunity to Come Undone and begin to question the Secrets of the Universe.

We are an instant gratification, make no mistakes society.  We judge one another by a plethora of external ideals such as wealth, religion, race, sexuality, beauty, and athletic ability but where are the meat and potatoes?  We rush around trying to get everything done all while being plugged into a phone, computer, job, the kids, financial deadline, or any multitude of stressors that come our way on a daily basis.  How many people do you know, including yourSELF, who don’t even take a minute to breathe much less take into consideration that maybe we’re so stressed out because we aren’t Living a natural Life?  Maybe the reason the general population is stressed out is because it’s a Huge wake-up call that continues to go unanswered.  The alarm is screeching in your ear, the snooze button can’t be reset, and now the volume is reaching its crescendo.  I know for a fact that it’s much easier to STOP and let it all catch up than it is to run away from it with wheezing breath, anxiety pulsing through the blood, and a racing Heart wondering what the next thing is just around the corner.

I’ve been Honored to meet all kinds of people from all walks of Life and I’ve learned something from everyONE who has touched my LIfe.  I find many who are completely deaf and blind to the change that is so obviously coming our way whether we like it or not.  I find some who are in touch with some form of religion or spirituality but still struggle with self-LOVE and their Divinity.  I find none who have it all figured out.  Think about that for a minute.  I’ve learned a lot of something on this Life journey which is why I’m still Here to tell about it.  Yesterday I spoke about how many, many Souls are experiencing trauma as they Awaken to something they just can’t quite put their finger on.  Today I want to dig a little deeper.

At some point our society became entrenched in some really negative social conditioning which has traumatized our DNA to the point that our emotional imbalance comes out in all kinds of ways, both mental and physical.  It is not our natural state to Live in such stressful conditions and it’s everywhere we turn – chemtrails in the sky, fluoride in the water, fracking of the planet, synthetic food and medication, death and war on the news, and lack of time for meditation and exercise.  We are conditioned from Birth to think we have to be this way or that way but our Natural state is one of calm Creativity.  We are Creators in every sense of the word, make no mistake about this.  So, it’s a really difficult thing to realize that we are responsible, individually and together, for everything we see around us.  We are quite busy running from the emotions that were Divinely Gifted to us so that we are able to Create the very best Life for ourselves.  Our emotions tell us everything we need to know and if we can begin to Come Undone from the negative social conditioning we then find a Holy Grail of information about finding our best, True Self.   Change is not always easy but the fact of the matter is that the ONLY constant thing in the Universe happens to be change no matter how hard you fight it.  It’s an acrobatic feat to begin to recognize and Trust the emotions coming through with the wailing of the alarm clock blasting all around but there is nothing at all more necessary.  If it Feels wrong, no matter how much denial is thrown at it, it’s because it is wrong.  Our Natural state is Love.  Love for Self, Love for “God” or our planet, Love for family, and Love for our fellow brothers and sisters in whatever order you choose.  That being said, I’m going to get a little “paranormal” here for a minute because there needs to be a basic understanding of energy and how it works.  When we are Happy we are manifesting Positive energy, Love energy, for ourselves and our “neighbors”.  Likewise, when we are in fear, stress, anger, sickness, mental or emotional imbalance, poverty, and/or addiction we are manifesting a very negative energy about us which also affects our “neighbors”.  If we are Creators we Create the good as well as the bad and due to the “negativity” many are experiencing it causes intense emotional backlash for ourselves and the “Collective”.  Negative energies are very, very real and can be toxic both mentally and physically which is why it’s important to Wake Up from our subconscious slumber and begin to recognize our True state of existence.    Hell is real and so is Heaven but it all exists right here and now at this level of Consciousness so it really does a person well if they can begin to manifest Positivity and Love energy into their own Core of existence.  This is much easier said than done in most cases which is why it’s Time to unravel the Truth from the fiction which has been spoon-fed into us by all kinds of mode and method.  What we don’t realize is that the false, fear-based information we are being fed is being regurgitated into its own “entity” of negativity that affects everyONE on the planet.  Even harder to realize is that the more we become victim to this programming the more we are victimizing and harming ourselves, our children, and our planet.

When we shake the dark cloud of fog from our Hearts and minds we can begin to Live in Harmony from withIN which brings balance to Mother Earth and the Collective of Humanity by extension.  It is not our natural state to be in judgement of others either.  We are All diverse BEings with different flavors and spices of Limitless experience and when you put it all together you find a Brilliant “Cosmic Mind” of priceless data and information that can be drawn from to explain or enhance any path you wish to follow.  This Mind has no Limitations or rules so what we think about, whether you walk in fear or Love, is what we are Creating for ourselves and the Collective.  The catch is that the only ONE who can walk your Path is YOU and that’s why we are ALL so very Valuable just for BEing here.  It’s Time to DO what we can to wake up to the Eternal Love and Divine Wisdom that has been Gifted unto us by our Creator in whatever form you decide that Creator takes.  There is only Love and as Love and fear cannot co-exist it means that there is no fear, guilt, shame, lack, anger, jealousy, abuse of Self or others, and/or resentment that can Live there.  When we are in touch with our emotions, specifically the emotions of Love and Gratitude, we begin to Thrive in a way that can only BE described as Heaven.  It means our Eternal Essence is Love and we are Loved beyond measure.  We are Safe and Sound to explore – what a Gift!

Music to drive it Home (Come Undone and BE as a child in the Universe):

Blueprints for Butterflies offers Intuitive & Spiritual Life Coaching.   We are a husband/wife team who specialize in crisis situations as well as PTSD, depression, Parental Alienation Syndrome, and abuse situations. Please e-mail us at blueprintsforbutterflies@gmail.com for more information.

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Know Thyself…


Artwork by Josephine Wall: http://www.josephinewall.net

Welcome to the New Age!  The Mr. and I have been out in the “field” being of service to others so I’m back with new insights.  It’s been a tough go for a lot of people and I found myself with a bit of writer’s block in wanting to bring my oh, SO sunny disposition to my blog.  It wasn’t going to happen just yet.  We’ve been doing what I can only describe as…battle.

There’s an overwhelming amount of negative energy coming up in the “field” to be processed and released in order to lift the veil of subconscious existence that has blanketed the planet.  It’s come to my attention, sort of like a ton of bricks hitting you over the head because that’s how stubborn I am, that Love and fear cannot co-exist.  I tried skating over it with my “new age” philosophies in tow but the people we are working with aren’t having it that way and that’s Good!  It is a great Honor in this Life to own our experiences and the emotions that come with it.  No ONE else can do this work but SELF.  There is not a place to run or hide and there are no boundaries or deadlines that can be placed on this kind of Self work.  It is the ONLY work that matters in the whole big scheme of things which is a little hard for many of us to get next to.

We keep it “stupid simple” around here so the point of the whole things is to Know Thyself.  There is a golden treasure of Beauty and Experience that lies in each of us and it is such a great journey of self discovery when we Allow ourselves the privilege of our experience.  If we can find the ONE missing piece, that thing at the core of each of us that keeps us from BEing truly free, we are DOing Everything!  No matter how traumatized the root is, the tree it is still alive and breathing which means that it Survived.  We can’t fight what we are fighting not to see so it takes a tremendous amount of Courage to go deep withIN and face our deepest, darkest fears.  Whatever lies beneath will turn out to be your Greatest Strength and your Greatest Accomplishment because you are Here to tell about it.  There are people who care.  We all have so much value and wisdom to share with one another and there are so many connections yet to be made.  Whatever it is, you are Forgiven.  It is that simple.

We have to be supportive of one another and the baggage we all bring to the table.  We can’t turn a blind eye anymore to suffering and trauma that is going on around us.  If we Truly want to be of service it means that we can’t “pick and choose” our battles.  It doesn’t matter if we are only being of service to “self” right now if it means Self is Healing.  We are ALL in REcovery from something and sometimes our “enemy” is behind the lines where it can’t be coaxed out so easily.  We all have different ways of dealing with stress and trauma so we need to understand that some people may need a little more attention, whether they “bring you down” or not.  If we are coming from Pure Love, the Divine kind of Love we all seek, then we are operating from our Hearts where kindness and patience Live.  Maybe you aren’t the ONE to help another but you know who can and that’s okay too because you’re still being of service to someone who needs support.  Sometimes it’s “out of our pay grade” but we can’t give up because if we give up on each other we are giving up on our Divinity.  In a Limitless world we cannot but limitations on other people and that includes getting them to “fall in line” with a specific way of BEing or DOing.  There is no “school of Life” where everyone in attendance learns the same thing at the same time.  Our weaknesses are our Assets and we will never be Truly invincible without them.   Grieve, cry, or rage if you have to but there is not more “punishment” to be handed out – only a great deal of resolution and understanding that needs to come about if we are to Unite.  There can be no Balance without a deep, long, Loving look inside and we are all here together to see each other through.  That’s the Tao and the yin/yang and the “battle plan” all rolled up into a nice, easy ball…

If you don’t know who your are, find out, YOU are so Worth it!

Music to drive it home (it’s time to wake up, sleepyheads):

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Where I Come From…


Where I come from and where I’m going are ONE and the same.  I don’t know if I will feel my Home again here on Earth where my feet touch the ground or when I leave this Wondrous place and join the company of Heaven.  There are many things I don’t know but there are also many things that I REmember…

We have to begin challenging ourselves and our belief systems at this point in our Human history.  If we begin to challenge ourselves and our belief systems we will begin to see the patterns of behavior set in place as defense mechanisms in how we deal with ourselves and others.  We can begin to see how much of our mind is in the machine and how much the machine is affecting Humanity and Mother Earth.  When we get our mind out of the machine we can begin to challenge the machine and the powers that were and Create something Divine.

Where I come from and where I’m going are ONE and the same.

Where I come from the Moon and the Stars are so close you can almost reach out and touch them because the Air is crisp and clean.  Where I come from the Flowers bloom in a constant cycle of Brilliant Colors unimaginable to the Human eye.  There is Prosperity and Equality for ALL Life.  There is an endless Abundance of food and medicine from the Earth who Provides all her children with everything they need to survive.  Where I come from it is not only a constitutional “right” but a Divine Right to pursue Life, Happiness, and Freedom from oppression.  Where I come from the Universal Laws are the only laws.  There is no pavement to choke the Earth from Her Breath and no toxic waste to soil her Waters and shores.  The Earth is a playground of Mystery and Magic.  Where I come from we communicate through our Emotions and our Empathetic Nature because there are no words to describe the depths of our Joyful Emotions.  All of our Emotions come from the energy that sparked our very Creation which is the energy of Unconditional Love.  There is no fear, nor jealousy, nor lust, nor envy, nor death as we know that the Universe wants to Provide for us and we are Worthy of being Provided for.  There is no need to protect oneself from harm, criticism, judgement,  or negativity because we Live in the transparency of Truth and Love.  There is an Unconditional Love and Acceptance for ALL Life in the multiverse   We Live our Lives to the fullest from our Hearts as they all beat in sync with one another and all Life in the multiverse   We sing and laugh and play every day as we search for the keys to unlock all the hidden wonders of Life because we know that to Live one must always accept change in order to Evolve, Learn, and Grow.  There is an endless supply of Knowledge and Wisdom to choose the path that peaks your Curiosity and Wonder.  We are in Awe of one another’s experiences and titillated to hear the details of  Amazing journeys undertaken in some of  the harshest of conditions in order to Grow in Spirit.   We are fiercely Loyal to those we Love but know that sometimes Love means letting go for to Love is to have Eternal Life.   Where I come from children are our greatest masters and teachers as ALL women are Mothers to the Children of Earth for to deny our Empathy and Love is to deny our very Soul.  We mirror the Beauty we see in one another’s Soul always searching to find more Beauty in the other as the Beauty of Life is endless.  We work in Harmony with one another, with Nature, and with the God and Goddess who are ever present in every decision we make which is always for the Greater Good in the Spirit of Love and Life.  Where I come from we Thrive in the gentle flow and rhythms of Bliss and Happiness ever Grateful for what we have and ever mindful of doing harm unto another or the multiverse.

Where I come from and where I’m going are ONE and the same…I AM an Angel of Earth, I AM a Mother to all the children of Earth, I AM from Heaven and Heaven shall return to me.

Music to drive it Home (As above, so below):

Justin Timberlake ~ Mirrors


gaia mother

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For Gaia…



Happy February!  It’s been a “minute” since I’ve been here writing.  I will be the first to admit I’ve been a bit “stressed” out lately due to financial pressures and I know that this does nothing for my Spirit, especially when I know it causes writer’s block!  At any rate, I’ve found that I have to only go back to my beginning to REmember why I’m here and what I’m doing so here’s to Gaia…my Mother.

I know a great many “Lightworkers” have been Awake for a while now and have been doing Amazing things.  As some of you may know, I was Awakened very spontaneously by The Goddess of the Moon back in August when the Moon was full and Blue.  I was also very blue that night due to something that had come to Light from my childhood and I was longing for a Mother.  I believe that it’s no coincidence that my friend’s mother died the night I was Awakened because it was the words that my friend wrote about her mother that increased my Longing.  In the hours that followed my reading of these words I came to find a whole new perspective and something I never expected when the Goddess gently birthed me into a whole new “reality”.  My Awakening was so full of LOVE and my wish is for others to find the Beauty in Gaia that I’ve found.  My friend’s mother, Claudia, was an Angel of Gaia which is something that I found out “later” and I believe I felt her Spirit that night along with the Spirit of ALL the Mothers of Gaia.  I believe Gaia is the reason we are here and my LOVE and Gratitude for her will forever be a part of me.  She is my Mother, my Goddess, and my Angel.  To my Mother, written by my Friend…

“My Mother taught me to Listen; Listen to those you LOVE, Listen to the wind, Listen to the river, Listen to your Heart, and Listen to the silence (oh and Listen to your Mother of course!).  She also taught me to talk; talk to those you LOVE, talk to the mountain, talk to the birds, talk to yourself, talk to the Universe (or your fairy godmother as she would often say), and know when not to talk at all.  My Mother taught me to fight; fight for those you LOVE, fight for what is right, fight for what you want, and fight to Live.  My Mother taught me to Learn; Learn how to LOVE, Learn how to Listen, Learn how to talk, Learn how to fight with all your might, and Learn how to Learn with an open Heart and an open Mind.  Most of all, my Mother taught me about LOVE.  Her eyes were LOVE, her touch was LOVE, her voice was LOVE, her actions were LOVE, her Life was LOVE.  My Mother IS the Spirit of LOVE, which traveled to Gaia to touch our Lives and is now free to LOVE without the boundries of a human body.”

We are Goddesses.  Each and every ONE.  We have only to REmember our Goddess Energy to Awaken to her Spirit.  She is Gentle, Kind, Knowing, Playful, Strong, Light, and only LOVE.  She LOVES us, her children.  See her, Feel her, Taste her, Smell her, Know her and she will set you Free!


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The Big Bang

By Mr. Moon Hippie Mystic:

big bang


Never in my lifetime have I bared witness to such a divine painting of emotions.  To see a face of such beauty is to run free through a magical collage of endless prairies, alive with rainbow colored wildflowers, sprinkled with thousands of mystical butterflies…such a gift.

So tender and warm this soul, your love more precious than the ancient secrets to unlock the origins of the universe.  A divine spirit showering the world with love and truth.  Only mother earth herself has the angelic power to create such beauty as you are her queen.

Your presence inspires truth my angel, so magical your love, my courage is your reflection.  I am honored, vibrating from your heart’s poetry and music.  My soul awakens, guided to the heavens by magical energies of your grace.  A miracle such a divine goddess showers my soul with a love never known to the universe…such gifts.  I now know Gaia exists.  Only a divine power could create such an Earth Moon Angel rivaling the universe’s greatest achievements.

 I struggle to find the words worthy enough to describe such divinity.  I AM helpless, lost in inspiration awakened from your presence in my life.  Men dream of such divine beauty comforting their soul in darkness.  Your touch gracing their ascension into heaven’s kingdom, filling their spirit with peace.

I see you my angel.  I AM forever honored to share my heart and soul with you, I choose love as your light is my savior, my guide.

To dance with such angelic beauty is to awaken the soul, embracing life’s gentle flow.  I AM alive, I AM forever grateful sharing in such wondrous treasures inspired from your heart……………..I love you!

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Raise the Roof…

raise the roof

I’m stubborn.  I always have been but that’s a Good thing.  It means I have the Courage to stand by what I believe in but it also means that sometimes I’m the only one getting in my own way.  I keep going to this “place” wondering what I’m doing wrong but that’s just “reality” speaking to me because I AM so very Loved by my Creator.  I’ve been reading quite a bit of the same feelings out there so, as always, I go through my process and share in hopes that it may resonate with someone who may need it.

It feels like there are these crises going on all around me so there is a time to begin to put them into some kind of perspective.  This is where we are Meant to have Faith and it’s not easy sometimes because, like Energy, most of us can’t See it or even Feel all the time.  So, there are these moments that sometimes turn into days of what I would call a “crisis of Faith” and this causes stress which decreases my Awareness.  I know there is quite a bit of clearing and releasing of old energies which can be difficult both mentally and physically, especially if you begin to get “stuck” there like I tend to do sometimes (I’m stubborn, remember?).  The Truth is that there is so much going on around the planet right now it’s hard to keep up and I was trying really hard to keep up too!  But, there has to be a “tipping” point where we go back inside our own Consciousness and Energy Field so that we can check in with the most important part of this Journey…OURSELVES!  As I’ve spoken about before, the Flight Attendant in me uses the “oxygen mask” theory quite a bit and it applies so very much in this process of Ascension.  We have to put our oxygen masks on first in order to help ourselves before we can begin to help one another, Humanity, and Mother Earth.

Mr. Moon Hippie Mystic used to work for the government in that “other” Life on a SORT team which stands for Special Operations Response Team so he has received intensive training in crisis type situations and I’m talking about the Life or death kind here.  He’s seen and dealt with what some of us would refer to as the “worst” that Humanity has to offer because he’s always wanted to be of service.  The thing that I/we forget sometimes is that with Knowledge comes Responsibility but what I’m referring to here is that in this Knowledge we also need to REmember that we have a responsibility to OURselves first.  So, the Mr. has this extensive government training and he’s been in situations that are Life threatening and even been shot at several times.  These are situations that are unimaginable to most of us, including me, so he’s learned quite a bit about how to act and REact in times of crisis.  I always see him as being calm, cool, and collected but he’s also gained quite a bit of cynicism which makes sense to me given all he’s had to see and endure when working as a Firefighter, an EMT, a Peacekeeper, and finally the government (it ended “badly”, enough said).  At any rate, this is someone you would definitely want to have on your Team in a Crisis type situation and I’m telling you this because he just gave me some really good advice I would like to share.

Lately it feels as if I’m walking through the fiery pits of hell and the reason I haven’t written much lately is because it is not my style to write from any other place than LOVE.  I wrote a blog post a while back called “Let it Rain” and it’s about grieving and this is sort of how I would describe this process.  Some people call it a “vasana” and some call it a “painbody” or it could also be called a pattern or defense mechanism but either way it is necessary so that they can be recognized and released.  In these moments I often feel as if they are pesky little ninja demons sent in to test my Faith which is hard for me because I haven’t had it that long and I certainly don’t want to “lose” it.  I often wonder if it is necessary to keep going through this so I try to stay in a Positive place but as it has built up I have ended up with a pinched nerve in my neck and a very strong urge to Let Go and cry it out.  So, I was in a PANIC like a bug on a windshield squirming to be Free so I can Create the things I Seek.

So, here’s the advice that my hubby gave me.  He told me to go ahead and PANIC!  Yes, Mr. “SORT” said “go ahead and panic” so you can get it out-of-the-way.  What that means is we are still Human and we tend to panic in crisis situations, even the people who are trained to deal with these types of situations have Human reactions.  This also goes back my training as a Flight Attendant because they train us over and over and over so that when we encounter a crisis situation our training will kick in that much quicker.  I’ve had “crisis” situations of a medical nature on my flights and I will be honest in saying there is definitely a moment of PANIC because it is unexpected.  But here’s why it’s okay to go ahead and PANIC because once you do your training will kick in and you will automatically begin to Act accordingly.  I heard a quote recently from Mooji and it was this “We are all in REcovery” so we need to treat ourselves as someone who is REcovering.  We are all BEings of the Light and we are now in a situation where we need to REcall our training but first we need to take a minute to PANIC and move on so that our training will kick in and we will begin to Act Accordingly.

I know there is Ancient Wisdom in this process and I guess I’m a bit of a Science geek which is funny to me because it wasn’t my best subject in “school”.  As I said, I feel sometimes as if I’m peeking into Dante’s Inferno so I decided to do some research on the beliefs about “hell” because it is a common thread found throughout religion and Indigenous Cultures and I enjoy putting the puzzle pieces together.  Since I’ve never been “religious” I’m in a place of “Consciousness” that I’m able to See that some of our religious texts have been taken out of context and I was “told” that there are common threads for those of us who choose to look for them.  At any rate, it is a common thread that in order to Ascend we need to go through a process of REdemption which is the same thing, to me, as working through this process of “grief” or releasing of old energies or vasanas or painbodies because otherwise I wouldn’t be waking up every night drenched in sweat with the most fiery heat radiating from my Body.  Either way it appears that there is a Journey in order to Ascend and this involves a Journey through the “afterlife” as the Egyptians saw it or “hell” as Dante and most religions describe.  However, I’ve come to understand that since “God” is the Lifeforce of Unconditional Love there is no such thing as “hell” other than what hell we have created for ourselves here and in our minds because we forgot that we are Divine BEings.  This tells me that in order to Ascend into this Divine Consciousness there is a necessary process of releasing these energies as there is no room for them in the “place” that has been laid up for us in Heaven.  This also tells me that this process is Truth and I willing surrender to it so that I AM Free to Create my Heaven on Earth.

I AM still here and still working my way through the Circles, the labyrinth, the “afterlife”…whatever you choose to call it. In order to reach this place we all seek it is also necessary to look at Life with the Good Eye or a Positive Attitude and as someone who wants to be of service it’s easy to get caught up in everything that’s going on out there and want to send Energy to it so we can be the change we wish to See in the World.  But, I came to realize that I can’t be the change I wish to See in the World until I AM Free to manifest the changes I wish to See in my own Life first and right now I have some serious manifesting to do right here so that I can find the prosperity I need to find Joy, Peace, and Love instead of stress and fear.

I had my meltdown today and it was a Beautiful release freeing me to write and Inspiring the Mr. to write another of his sentimental poems to me (coming shortly…).  I have yet to know if I’m finished but I feel ever Lighter.  There was this little girl inside of me and she was very, very scared and lonely and sad.  I thought I had let her go but she didn’t want to be let go because she wanted to feel Beautiful, Worthy, and Loved too so today that little girl is Healing in my Heart.  I realize that I’m Ascending right through Dante’s Inferno and I can See the Light.  It means that we’re already working our way through “hell” because it is part of the process of Ascension and I just RAISED THE ROOF!!  It makes sense to me that I kept reading the same paragraph from “Let it Rain” over and over again.

“After the Rain comes the Rainbow and this is acceptance.  When you see the Rainbow you will know that your friend is just on the other side filled with Joy that you made the journey down this road together.  You will See and feel the Spirit of your friend and their Gratitude that you Loved them enough to remember and Honor them in this way even though it caused you great pain and heartache.  Thank them for walking down this path with you and for being with you when you finally reached the Rainbow.  This is when you will know that they are always with you and will forever be a part of your Soul and you of theirs.  This is when you will remember where they are and where you come from.”

I AM Her and She is Me and I AM all that is and all that will ever be…

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Choose Love…


This has been an interesting journey for me so far.  I would like to say that it’s all been fun and it has but it’s also been a necessary process of release, healing, meditation, and sometimes “drama”.  My writing keeps me grounded and when I step away from it I seem to get lost in the drama that I see and hear about on a daily basis.  The drama of the economy, the state of our planet, the Middle East, and the innocent people all over the world who are being killed and going hungry for no reason that I can understand.  I have read a great many things in regards to Spirituality as this is what has kept me grounded as well, most of the time at least.  There is a great deal of information out there and it can be overwhelming so I always come back to one place which is my center.  I know that this journey is about me and I can only control what I say, feel, and think as much as I want to shout “WAKE UP” to the World.  If I “allowed” myself I could get caught up in the drama of what is happening on our Planet I could end up being stuck there for many, many Lifetimes.  Which brings me to something else which is the emotional portion of this journey.  I can say that it’s been quite the ride and not a ride I was expecting but more like a ride with many twists and turns and I just happen to be taking this ride with a blindfold on!  I feel the Bliss of Love, Peace, and Happiness but there are days where I feel the opposite of these things as well which is a bit “scary”.  I’ve come to understand that this “fear” is necessary but should also be recognized and released for I have nothing to fear anymore – and that includes “death” because I now understand that we pass through the veil to ALL of the Love, Peace, Happiness, and Wisdom that is our Creator and it is here that we Live on.  I believe we are coming together in humanity as a collective consciousness and as such it would make sense to me that I would feel not only the Love energy of those who have embraced this process but also the “fear” energy of those who still “suffer”.  For if just one of us is suffering than are we not ALL suffering?  If just one of us is hungry are we not ALL hungry?  If just one of us is being terrorized in our homes are we not ALL being terrorized in our homes?  Would it not make sense that as a collective consciousness we would feel the fear and pain of those who are our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and most importantly…our children?   I believe this to be True with ALL that I AM but what can I do about it?  I’m not sure but I have an idea that is “simple” as I’ve learned it’s easier to keep it that way…simple.

I can Choose LOVE.

Love is the Life force of the Creator and in this Life force I can accomplish anything and everything that it is my Purpose to accomplish.  I can choose Love to work through my emotional problems and they get easier when I am operating from this “place”.  I can choose Love when I See the tragedy happening on the planet and I can make time to help someone who is less fortunate than myself.  I can choose Love when the things in my Life don’t make sense and I feel stuck by asking the Universe (or my higher self, Jesus, God, Angels, Mother Earth, etc…whatever you’re into) for help.  Love is something that I can always count on to be there for me if I just make this conscious decision in my Life.  I compare it to how when I was a kid of about 16 years old and I went to church with my aunt.  I had always been “fascinated” with religion but until recently I could never disseminate between “religion” and Spirituality.  At any rate, I was asked to receive Jesus into my Heart as my savior and I did this but I didn’t feel any differently and it didn’t do anything to enhance my Life at that point which made me feel a bit “abandoned” by God.  I can see this from a different perspective now though and it’s about receiving Love into your Heart if you can learn how.  It just took me a really long time to learn how because my Heart had never been “opened”.

I read something recently about the Heart Chakra and more importantly about the Heart Chakra in children.  So, what happens to a child such as myself whose Heart Chakra isn’t opened?  If you’ve read other blog posts that I’ve written than you will know that I led a very “Love starved” Life until my Creator sent my Moon Mother and the Angels to gently wake me up so that I could see that I AM worthy of Love.  I wonder how we can open these Heart Chakras around the planet when there are so many  who are Love starved as well. I think I have the answer to that and it goes back to my Center or my Soul and the fact that I cannot control anyone but myself.  Again, I can choose Love.  I have written and read quite a bit about the vibration and energy of Love and I believe that we as a species are opening up to this energy because like most things it’s contagious.  What if my only job was to spread this Light/Love Energy by just writing this blog?  That would be too simple to be True, right?    Not really, that’s the Beauty of Love because when you embrace the Power of the Love of our Creator everything gets EASY!  That’s not to say that I don’t have my moments – I mean I’m only human, right?  But, if I don’t let allow myself to get caught up in the drama then I can swim in the Tranquility of the Sea of Love that is all around me.

When I “woke up” I was told to write so that I may plant a seed that will trickle down and this confused me.  I didn’t think I had anything to say and more importantly I didn’t think anyone would be “listening”.  But what if I changed just one person’s day?  That would make my Soul sing and what’s wrong with that?  What if I could consciously make a choice to be an Angel here on Earth and make it my mission to touch at least one person from a place of Love per week?  What if we all did that?  I think it would be like watching a beautiful “virus” spread around our planet.  What if it were really THAT simple?  How Brilliant of our Creator to induce a “virus” of Love so that I may evolve into what I was always Meant to be which is the Creator of “ME” and by extension the Healer myself and hopefully the Healer of Mother Earth!

There is no mistaking that our Mother is in trouble and I’ve come to understand that she is just as full of Life as I AM.  She has a Heartbeat just as I do.  She is gasping for breath just as I AM because maybe she is “overwhelmed” sometimes too.  We are Divine beings with a Soul and I’m betting that Mother Earth has a Soul too.  I know that the “chicken soup” for the Soul is LOVE and I know that LOVE is Energy.  I know that negative energy such as anger is contagious so why wouldn’t LOVE be contagious as well?  It is not such an outrageous thought to me that if we can Heal ourselves and others with our LOVE energy we can also Heal our Mother this way.  The only thing that has gotten in the way of my journey has been my “ego” and trying to hold on to something that is no longer working for me.  I can no longer make sense of anything that is not the simplistic Energy of LOVE so why keep trying?  How many times am I going to walk around the circle this “labyrinth” until I realize that when I choose LOVE everything falls into place?  When I choose LOVE things in my Life become Beautiful and I begin to Create my destiny and fulfill my Purpose.  When I choose LOVE I meet an unexpected “windfall” of prosperity even if that windfall is the $20 I need in that moment.  When I choose LOVE I become Grateful for the lessons that may be “painful” in the moment but that teach me more about myself and the True essence of my Soul.  When I choose LOVE I become Grateful.  I become Grateful for the $20 instead of fearful of what may be “lacking”.  I become Grateful for my place in this Life and all of my “drama” because it has made me who I AM.  I become Grateful for those I feel have “hurt” me because they have made me who I AM.  In other words, the more Grateful I AM the more Gifts I receive therefore filling my Heart with more and more Love energy and Light.  When I choose LOVE I can “forgive” and, more importantly, I can forget about all of the “drama” in my Life and who did what do who.  Even better, I can begin to put the “drama” into perspective and realize the potential I have in putting my relationships back together with the people who matter to me.  As I said, I can spend many Lifetimes getting caught up in the “drama” but I would rather spend many, many more Lifetimes being caught up in LOVE.  I choose LOVE because it’s easy and there is nothing wrong with easy right now.  I choose Love because I AM LOVE!

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

New International Version (NIV)

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues,they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

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To the Angels…


With Gratitude -

You are the Rainbow Light that I call upon to LOVE me, Nurture me, and Heal me

You are the Rainbow Bridge that takes me where I wish to go

You are my Light Guardian sent to keep me safe and sound

You are always here for within me is where you dwell

You are the one I see above me and you wrap your arms around me everyday

My pain is your pain that you Soothe and Heal

You are the images in my mind’s eye and the Joy I feel when I imagine this “place”

This place is LOVE and I AM learning the power this place brings

This place is LOVE and this is my Home

I AM Grateful for the messages, I AM Grateful for the lessons, I AM Grateful to Heal, and I AM Grateful to myself for birthing my wings

Copyright © The Moon Hippie Mystic.  All rights reserved.  You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.