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Dying to Live…


Artwork by Josepine Wall:

We live in a supportive Universe but do not live in a supportive system and it’s the principal of this conundrum that influences our lives by way of our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual perspective.  The system we live in is a slow burn into a personal and private prison of negative emotion perpetuated by antiquated ideals in regards to energy, government, and finance.  Our society isn’t functioning from a place of teaching us how to live healthy lives and thrive in Wellness rather we are taught how to slowly die instead.  From the smallest proton to the vastness of the Universe there is a constant and consistent force and that force is energy.  Energy never dies it just changes form and this is also the definition of Spirit or “God”.  We don’t have to be “religious” to use something as simple as Science and energy to “prove” that energy has an effect on each and every one of us.  We can use our understanding of energy to determine how our society shapes and forms our emotional and spiritual health to get a basic foundation of how energy profoundly influences our daily lives.


All energy has its own frequency which is the rate in which the energy vibrates.  It’s a proven fact that negative energy vibrates at a much lower frequency than positive energy.  As seen in the water molecule experiment, Love has the highest vibration of all and creates sacred geometry when Love energy is directed at the water molecule.  Human beings are also made of energy and our energy is our very Lifesource because our bodies couldn’t function without energy.  By volume, the human body produces 60,000 times as much luminosity per cubic centimeter as the Sun which makes human beings quite radiant indeed!  The simplistic thing about emotional energy is that there are only 2 emotions from which all other emotions stem and they are either Love or fear.  Obviously fear is negative and Love is Positive and we can visually see the difference.  This means that if there is negative energy directed at a person, society, religion, or social class then we are all effected in some way through labels and judgment or the “ego” which is a service to self mentality.


At this point we should all be familiar with the “elite” or the 1% who hold the majority of the world’s wealth and prosperity.  An article in Forbes Magazine states that almost half of the world’s wealth is owned by just one percent of the population (  The fact that there is a global elite in the first place suggests an imbalance.  If we live in a “Freewill” Universe then how is it that we can be so trapped and confined within a system where we allow a select few to speak for the masses?  This also implies imbalance because most of us don’t remember having a choice in whether or not to participate in the system from Birth.  The elitist system is based on conditions, rules, structure, labels, and limitation which encourages and expects society to create a self-manufactured image of perfection in order to feed the 1%.  If we can find a way to empty our cup of all we think we know we can re-asses the situation from a higher perspective.  The system runs on the fear, stress, trauma, and negative energy of its participants.  It’s imperative to begin to free the mind from the propaganda that is programmed to keep society on a short lease by giving our power away to the governments, media, doctors, banks, corporations, and pharmaceutical companies.  Like the “Wizard of Oz” there is a proverbial “man behind the curtain” who is pulling the puppet strings of the few to manipulate the many.


I recently watched the Hollywood movie “12 Years a Slave” which is based on the book written by Solomon Northrup.  It’s the true story of how he was taken as a free man and forced into slavery for 12 years.  Solomon Northrup knew Freedom but other slaves that had been born into slavery couldn’t be convinced that they were indeed “slaves”.  This raises the question of how would we know that we don’t know in the first place?  Furthermore, if we are born into an invisible slavery system based on a prison of fear and negativity how would we be able to recognize it if it’s all we know and all our parents know?  Especially if our parents and their parents perpetuated the fear based mentality by passing it down from generation to generation.  Fear is the most negative energy that exists in its vibration and the most “hateful” thing we can do to one another is encouraging one another to be fearful or in pain because of our belief systems.  By keeping the general population in fear we feel “threatened” whether we realize it or not and as a matter of fact the U.S. has been in a declared “State of Emergency” since 1933 which is an intention of fear (  This fear leaves us in a constant state of stress in the fight or flight reaction it brings thus leaving the Soul to quietly be consumed by the unhealthy emotions that fear brings in its many forms.


In stark contrast, the supportive Universe is teeming with Life and is Limitless and Infinite by its very nature.  The point being that if we are supporting an “elitist” system the Universe is also supporting this system as we Live in a supportive Universe.  It’s quite obvious that the “elite” feel that they are entitled to Resources including energy, water, and financial wealth but where does that leave the rest of the 99%?   As a child of my Creator, it is quite logical and apparent to me that I don’t have to “earn” my right to be here in the first place and I certainly shouldn’t have to pay or fight for resources that are for ALL of us and not just a select few.  I don’t know who decided that they were in charge of auctioning off resources that belong to ALL of Humanity’s children.  When we support an elitist agenda we are in fact enabling ourselves to give our Power away to some sort of “authority figure” and think that said authority figure is going to come to the rescue when times get tough.  As many are finding out, this is not going to happen and the scary part is that the agenda has never been in favor of the masses but yet we support it anyway and, not only that, we teach our children to support it.  This inadvertently leaves behind a legacy that cannot sustain itself or our planet which is also consumed by our “negativity” in a physical and spiritual way.


Energy is an important factor in this discussion, especially when one takes into account that Free Energy Technology has existed for quite some time.  Fossil fuel and the petro dollar are the cornerstone of our enslavement as this gives the “elite” all the excuse they need to invade countries for their resources under the guise of “terrorism”.  If there is a select few “stealing” energy from the masses by way of fossil fuel when there is a cleaner and better way we can begin to see how the global resources have been manipulated to line the pockets of the few while leaving the masses in poverty, illness, homelessness, and hunger.  The mainstream media is owned by corporate conglomerates who, like the Koch Brothers, buy the way for their agendas to make it into law and governance and decide whether or not to report their dealings on the “news”.  This is also true for the pharmaceutical companies in that they do not promote Healing or Wellness rather they invent illness so they can profit from treating the symptoms but typically not the root cause.  It’s baffling that insurance companies refuse to pay for more holistic treatments and approaches to Healing in general or administering a cure that they quite possibly have in their possession.  Have you ever noticed how doctors know exactly what surgery to perform or exactly what drug to prescribe which only treats the symptoms but rarely the root cause of the illness.  There’s plenty of “illness” to go around these days too if we are looking into psychology, trauma (PTSD), addiction, and depression.  There’s always a pill and an “instant gratification” solution so that you can buck up and get back to work or jump through hoops to maintain an economic solution when one is unable to “earn a living”.  There’s no time or financial resource for Healing unless you ride the crazy train or the prison bus out on a rail of not being able to uphold the self-manufactured image of perfection.  There’s a great documentary called “Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare” which is a must-see if one is questioning the state of Healthcare in the U.S.

royThe war machine is what the “elite” agenda relies upon to keep the populace in fear and terror while keeping them in control of finance and resources.  There is no Love in war and no one ever “wins” as is evident by the “war weariness” that has captured the Hearts and minds of the masses.  Yet, we find ourselves on the edge of our seat waiting for the next excuse to invade a country rich in resources or another who is considering putting an end to the fiat dollar in the best interests of Humanity.  There’s a very important Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case that will give more “proof” that the agenda of governance is one-sided in that Corporations, by law, have the same rights as Individuals.  This means that we have a Corporate Government and not a Government that is Of the People, By the People, and For the People as stated in the Constitution and therefore violates our Constitutional Right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.  Our Senators and Congresspeople are arguing over Corporate interests and this is also in our face lately in regards to the recent Supreme Court decision McCutcheon v. FEC (  Quoted from Move to “On January 21, 2010, with its ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are persons, entitled by the U.S. Constitution to buy elections and run our government. Human beings are people; corporations are legal fictions.

We, the People of the United States of America, reject the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens Unitedand other related cases, and move to amend our Constitution to firmly establish that money is not speech, and that human beings, not corporations, are persons entitled to constitutional rights.

The Supreme Court is misguided in principle, and wrong on the law. In a democracy, the people rule.

We Move to Amend.

“. . . corporations have no consciences, no beliefs, no feelings, no thoughts, no desires. Corporations help structure and facilitate the activities of human beings, to be sure, and their ‘personhood’ often serves as a useful legal fiction. But they are not themselves members of “We the People” by whom and for whom our Constitution was established.”

~Supreme Court Justice Stevens, January 2010″

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Christianity and other “religion” teach the masses that there is a judgmental “God” who sacrificed his son in order to save us from our “sins” but this is unhealthy and another way we give our energy away to those we perceive as being “above” us in some way.  It teaches us that we/they can do whatever we want to each other and the planet without consequence when the Universal Law of Polarity states that there is Cause and Effect to everything.  The true teachings of Jesus speak of the Power we have by way of the Law of Attraction to Create our reality and this is what we do everyday by continuing to sell our Soul to a select few while our children are dying in war, famine, emotional trauma, and poverty.  There is no judgment or condition in the Real emotion of Love and it is Christ Consciousness that must return to us from withIN in taking back the Power we have chosen to give away by “default”.  There is no “messiah” rather there is “us” and we are the ones we have been waiting for.  It takes a great deal of Faith in “God” or the Law of Attraction to decide to no longer support the flawed system of limitation that we have allowed to rule us in an Infinite, Intelligent, Loving, Abundant Universe.  As quoted from Tania Kotsos ( “The Law of Correspondence (Immutable): The second of the seven Universal Laws tells us “As above, so below; as below, so above”. This means that there is “harmony, agreement and correspondence” between the physical, mental and spiritual realms. There is no separation since everything in the Universe, including you, originates from the One Source. The same pattern is expressed on all planes of existence from the smallest electron to the largest star and vice versa. All is One. The Ancient Greek Temple of Apollo at Delphi was referring to this great Law of Correspondence in the inscription “Know thyself and thou shalt know all the mysteries of the gods and the Universe”. ”  This means that what we inflict on others by way of our limited perspective of what we are “told” vs. the Truth is the same as hurting ourselves because we are all Connected.  The Truth is that we can no longer excuse ourselves with denial in order to leave behind a Legacy for our children that includes a planet in which to live on.  We have to begin to make our government, financial system, big pharma, and corporations Accountable for their actions because by not doing so we are enabling our own demise much like an insecure victim enabling the addiction of this incredibly flawed perception of “Freedom” which actually teaches reliance instead.


In working with others involving emotional trauma, it recently occurred to me that it is much more difficult to Heal from a place of misunderstanding about the misuse of energy and power we have given away on a personal level.  Each individual is different but our experiences speak of Unity and ONEness.  If we can Awaken ourselves to the societal issues without throwing our hands up in denial and powerlessness we can begin to find our Spirituality again through this Freedom.  If we can embrace our Power as the masses we can begin to support a New system of Free Energy and responsible governance, especially when it comes to financing the few.  In an Infinitely supportive Universe we can begin to Live and Thrive through the Healing of the planet and the “trauma” we have endured together while we were “sleeping”.  We can shed our self-manufactured image of perfection in order to work through the process of RE-building something that is in favor of the 99% of US, the Human Race.  A supportive “God” (Universe) is a LOVING force of energy that wants what WE want and will support us in Limitless ways.  I believe that Free Energy Technology is the first of many waves of our “liberation” and it’s now being distributed Freely via the internet and social media.  Here is the key to unlocking the Quantum Energy Generator via  From here there will be no more stealing of energy via fossil fuels, war, money mongering, and keeping the masses in fear.  When we realize that our energy has been Free all along we will see that the most important things are also Free, like a Loving Universe and the Human Connection of ONEness.  It starts with each and every ONE of us by RE-focusing OUR energy on more and more productive ways to shift our reality to ONE that is for the Greater Good of Planet Earth=Heart and her Creatively Intelligent children, the Human Race.

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Michael Jackson – Man in the Mirror

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Artwork by Natalia Koreshkova:

It’s time to really begin to embrace our Eternal Essence of Love and our Infinite nature as Creators on this “Earthly” plane of existence.  I have ONE thing that keeps coming up for me over and over again and I know I’m not alone in this.  The Truth is that to completely embody our Divinity we have to recognize that we are Limitless BEings in both Spirit and potential.  As I watch the flood waters continue to rise in my home state of Colorado it occurs to me, as it has for a very long time, that we cannot put a “price tag” on Mother Nature which means we also can’t put a price tag on ourselves and our potential.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to Live in a “moneyless” society?  I know some may get a bit offended about this kind of thing because, in my opinion, it’s something that has been “used” to keep us deeply asleep due to fear.  However, debt “slavery” is very real and, as with all things in this process, it needs to at least be recognized before it can be released and resolved.  Where would you be if money weren’t an “issue” and what would you be doing?  The answer is always going to be that we would be somewhere we Love or we’ve always wanted to go and we would be doing something we’ve always wanted to try or we already Love doing.  This isn’t always the case when we are running on the “hamster wheel” that has been Created to KEEP us running and working for “the man” (whoever “the man” is?).  It occurred to me several years ago, when I was a Flight Attendant with United during their bankruptcy, that the odds are not stacked in most of our favor.  While the CEO and Board of Directors were busy cutting the pay of the people who kept the business running they were also busy lining their pockets with millions of dollars in bonus checks that, let’s face it, they didn’t need.  It seems that this isn’t a new “philosophy” in business as has been demonstrated over and over again as the “big guy” profits while the “little guy” struggles desperately to maintain some form of control in order to “survive”.

It’s a difficult thing to be en gratis and also in “survival” mode.  In other words, we can’t be in “lack” and Gratitude at the same time so it’s a great challenge to Create a Limitless world when many are struggling financially.  The thing is that we are ALL Worthy of BEing provided for, and as a matter of fact, the use of money in our society is quite “un-evolved” in the bigger picture.  Our planet, Mother Earth, has given us everything and more that we need to survive and Her resources are there for ALL of her children, not just a “select” few as we’ve been taught to believe.  We are all Worthy of clean water, electricity, food, healthcare, and shelter but we’ve been taught that if we don’t have the money we must “suffer” in order to survive.  It’s impossible to put a dollar amount on the Value of the Human Spirit so who are these “powers” that keep us from Thriving at our fullest potential and why?  These are questions worth researching and what you may find will quite possibly surprise and maybe even anger you a bit.

Imagine if everywhere you went and everyone you met was Happy and Thriving!  Imagine a world where Scientists were Free to study and explore without the necessary “funding” from the government and where doctors were Free to explore new Healing techniques and cures without the influence of the pharmaceutical companies (who employ the government).  Imagine a world where there were no countries or borders and we are free to travel and explore new terrain and new cultures.  We have much to learn from each other in this way, do we not?  Imagine a world where people were truly Living, Learning, and Thriving without monetary limitation and the entire Earth was an endless wealth of information and experiences worthy of discovery.  It would be as if the entire Earth was a school or “mentorship” program in which we were all free to explore until we find our unique and individual Gifts.  Education, Science, Exploration, and Creativity would be the “new” industry.  We would learn the secrets of our planet and our history and learn to REbalance and Live in Harmony with ONE another and the Earth.  We would never again turn a blind eye to those who are hungry or homeless because we would be Evolved and Enlightened enough to recognize one another as “brother and sister” giving all Equal opportunity for jobs and education. It doesn’t mean people would stop “working” rather we would ALL be “working” at what we Love. Can you imagine the level of discovery in places like space, science, and healing?  Or what levels of Creativity that would be reached if there were no more “starving artists”?  How very much we have to Learn from one another through our experiences?  Also, can you imagine where we could go when we combine what we know about Spirituality and begin proving it (as they have already) through science and physics?  Not only is it a possibility it is also a necessity or will be at some point very soon.  Our planet is evolving and we must keep up by recognizing what we as a species have done to contribute to the situation in which we find ourselves.  It starts by doing the research and following the money trail but what we find there is quite disturbing and certainly not in balance with Nature.  We have governments who tax us relentlessly without any kind of representation while they spend more and more money on war.  In the meantime, cities like Detroit sit bankrupt and “abandoned” while prices increase in every area all while we are being “told” that our economy is recovering.  We have people who will work ANY job, sometimes 2-3 jobs, in order to “survive” all while someone else raises our children and our education system teaches them to “be quiet and fit in”.  If our children are Fortunate they can “race” to the top by means of college scholarship but most are “stuck” paying back student “loans” to the government at a great cost and for many years.  In other words, our children are in “debt” before they’re even born and it’s up to us as parents to protect them by informing ourselves.   It’s really a vicious circle and there are very few people in the bigger picture who say they really enjoy what they do for “work”.  The fact of the matter is that our government doesn’t have the best interests of the People at Heart and haven’t since the Federal Reserve was created back in 1913 but it’s up to us to do the research and find our Voice.

I’m very well read about the economic picture worldwide and it isn’t “pretty” especially when one takes into consideration that the United States government is very aware of what they are doing and why.  It cannot continue to be denied that the odds are stacked against most of us and “they” don’t plan on letting up anytime soon unless we become Aware and come together to find a different and better solution.  We have given our Power away to our elected officials and those who say they work within the Constitution all while picking and choosing when to follow the laws of the ONE People.  I read about “prosperity packages” that may come about but first we must educate ourselves about the “system” and the rules that have been taught to us since before most of us were even born.  No ONE is willingly going to give us prosperity if we don’t learn how and why we got into this situation in the first place.  We are Limitless but before we can embrace it we must find out where we have been “limited” in the first place.  We think of money earning potential as being “responsible” but really our responsibility lies in finding the Truth and releasing “judgments” that we have been taught to place on others who aren’t what we would call financially “stable”.  This “problem” is going to continue to get worse until we really let ourselves go deep down inside the rabbit hole I speak of so often.  There’s an organization who has been doing this work for a while and, as a matter of fact, they have Created a solution to this mess but it’s up to us to inform ourselves and others.  The One People’s Public Trust (since changed to I-UV) was Created by an international banking attorney who recognized that the United States government (and many other governments all over the world) are not governments but, in fact, corporations designed to keep us in “debt slavery”.  This rabbit hole goes very deep so please be prepared for what you find.  At the bottom of this article I’m going to leave some links so that those who need to can do the research so we can ALL be equally informed.

REmember that Love is Truly the only “religion”, especially when “religion” has taught us to be in judgment of others and taught us to kill one another in “God’s” name.  As Limitless Creators we can no longer allow ourselves to be limited in any area.  It is our Divine Birthright to Live in Freedom from oppression, monetary and otherwise.  We gave our Power away to the “powers that were” but we are already Creating a new world in which we can ALL Live and Thrive equally.  In order to rise above our “oppressors” we first have to recognize that they are there in the first place because we can’t RElease what we refuse to see and/or are in “denial” of.  The ONE thing that keeps most of us from Thriving to our fullest potential comes back to us in the form of our financial system.  Our elected officials are supposed to BE working for us and listening to our Voice so what happened?  I “challenge” you to find out…

Music to drive it Home – Let’s fly away from our “limitations”:

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Free World Charter – Let’s make everything free (website):

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The Story of Your Enslavement (video):

Federal Reserve Act Remedy, no Lawful Money (article):

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The Rose…

the rose

The Rose is the Alchemist who changes everything to Gold.  It is the Highest form of Divine Love and once it touches you your Light will shine Ever brighter.  We all have challenges in Life for if we didn’t we wouldn’t learn and grow so what would be the point of BEing Alive in the first place?  The key is how we move through the challenges and obstacles that come our way and what it leaves us with on the other side.  The obvious choice is to just roll with it and have a little Fun along the way if possible, and it’s always possible.

As the winds of change whisper through our Mother Earth and into our dreams we are beginning to Awaken from this deep slumber into a world unrecognizable to many of us.  It’s hard sometimes not to wonder how it was missed or didn’t quite register for all those years even though it was full of something close to…discontent.  Well, discontent is a Good thing right now because it means you care about something and maybe want to Learn how to dance, and laugh, and play a little again.  If you’re discontent with something it means that we are cleansing out the old to make room for the new so be Grateful and Courageous in knowing that everything is happening as it’s meant.  What a Gift to be able to transmute all the “negative” stuff into something shiny and new!  Maybe you’ll find something to make you smile or a new friend or an understanding ear along the way.  Anything is Possible.  Not only that, if you think it, feel it, BE it, and are so very Grateful for the NOW and everything that comes down the rabbit hole it is Limitless in its potential.  These are serious times and we’re all waiting to see if our voices of Peace and Love will be heard loud and clear but we have to make time to Love and Laugh, it’s our Love for our fellow brothers and sisters that has us so serious in the first place.  We are Loving them by finding the Joy and Love withIN.

Whatever isn’t working, change it.  Yes, it’s that simple.  Find Forgiveness in your Heart and let it all go.  What that means is letting go of all negative energy surrounding a person, place, or situation.  It means when something is “out of your control” you don’t sweat it because we aren’t Loving if we are in “worry”.  We are all doing the very best we can in every moment.  Know it and OWN it because we can!  It’s time to Trust with our Hearts wide open and see what measure of Joy it brings to ourselves and the collective of Humanity.  Whatever “we” are DOing and BEing, it is working so feel the Joy of it all and Dance.  Before there can BE change there must be Truth and Transparency so Treasure the dew frosted morning of the golden age as the seed of Joy and Love ripens from our Mother Earth.    Find your Joy and change what isn’t working because the point of the whole thing is that we are all Worthy of BEing Happy but it’s up to us to find out what makes us that way.  Transmute the negative junk to Gold by finding a new path or a new passion to put your whole Heart into.  If the Heart is there it means you are Loving what you are DOing so keep it growing because that’s how the Rose blooms, from a Loving and Joyous Heart.  Treasure yourself by finding the Joy and Love in whatever form it takes whether it’s a new hobby, career, epiphany, friend or  new beau.  If you can find your Happiness then you are already well on the way to becoming the Alchemist, the Rose, who transmutes everything to Pure Gold – Pure LOVE.  We are all Worthy of the Golden Treasure and it’s time to Celebrate our Homecoming of LOVE and ONEness by finding our Joy and Happiness…

Music to drive it Home (Treasure Yourself…):

Happy Anniversary to my hubby, my soulmate, my besty, and my everything.  I Treasure every moment with you…

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A Great Cleansing…

Happy Birthday, Dad!spiritual-journey

A Great Cleansing by Water is upon us and it shook me to my very core this last week.  I’m new at this writing thing.  As a matter of fact it’s been a year now since I started this blog.  I was fresh from a completely spontaneous Spiritual Awakening that left me upside-down traveling at the speed of Light and headfirst into a rabbit hole with no end in sight.  It’s been a year of intense Healing and New Beginnings on every level culminating in another Life changing experience last week.  The Lessons come hard and fast now and it can be relentless, especially for those of us who are Awake and traveling the Path of Spirit with All that we Are.  That’s what I’m doing anyway.  It came with a mighty force knocking the wind out of me on every level and leaving me in the hospital for a minute.  Here’s the deal…if it’s not Unconditional Love, it’s not going to work anymore.  Period.

I’ve learned with the writing thing that it’s not supposed to be about me but, hey, how can I share my Heart if it isn’t sometimes?  A Great Cleansing by Water is something I’ve felt so deeply for the last several months and that’s because it’s happening but the Water it is our Emotions that are BEing Cleansed as our “ego” is washed away.  This is why there is so much coming up for so many people right now, emotionally.  Time is speeding up and the River of Life is coming to the crossroads of our lessons more and more frequently.  Until we can really let go of our fear completely the current will continue to bring these hot button issues to the surface for release and Healing.  I’ve done that work and I’ve been doing that work intensely for the last year, nonstop it seems.  Once I found this Love nothing else mattered because it’s ALL that IS.  I Embody it and I Flow with it like the rambling River I speak of so often.  It grows and grows inside of my Heart as I gain more connections, both “here” and elsewhere because it is Limitless by its very definition.  I’ve met Amazing people and Learned so much from each and every ONE but recently it got more and more intense in terms of the issues because they were very close to Home for me.  It was my Crossroads and my past and my future and my NOW all at once.  “I See You” I would think, “I know you”.  I tell people all the time that Seeing our traumas is 90% of REleasing them.  They are tricky little ninja demons who like to stay hidden just beyond the periphery of our Emotional view and Intelligence, it is our “ego” mind fighting to stay alive for just a little bit longer.  REleasing traumas isn’t easy.  I AM so Honored to see such Courage of the Heart in watching people find their Spirit again.  There is nothing more Beautiful and more Real than the Human Spirit and it’s not something that anyONE can put a “price tag” on.  The Truth is that we can’t “Ascend” to any reality where our thoughts are made instantly manifest if our ego is still alive at all and that means all of our fears and traumas, my Friends.

When we are subject to trauma it creates a memory, of course.  When a memory is born from trauma it is quite different than a memory Created from Joy and Love.  What’s interesting is that these memories are not just embedded in our minds and Hearts but sometimes become embedded on a cellular level in our very DNA make-up, our molecular biology.  These memories can also be ONLY cellular when it’s something that we can’t remember such as an operation under anesthesia.  Our cellular body remembers the operation even if our mind doesn’t…a Soul memory if you will.  As we Ascend with Mother Earth on this Amazing journey we must cleanse ourselves of the traumas that were created in this Life and maybe even other Lives to boot.  Sometimes this involves facing some pretty intense fears (like, say…hospitals for example – just saying) and in doing so we come out the other side much stronger, Spiritually speaking.  We have to know all the way to our Cellular CORE that we ARE Unconditional Love and Loved Unconditionally.  REmember, fear and Love cannot co-exist, at ALL.  When our physical body dies and our Soul “crosses over” we begin the exact process that I describe as “Ascension”.  It is a Life review that involves a clearing and cleansing of all things that aren’t Unconditional Love which is our natural state of BEing.  We are, all of us, doing this together in our physical body as the collective of Humanity and it is such a Miraculous thing to be a part of!

I was so Blessed last week to come face to face with a deep-seated trauma and come out of it so strong and Alive in Spirit.  I didn’t feel Blessed at the time and was trying desperately not to “curse” my Angels and Masters who have guided me so delicately along this Life changing journey.  The thing is that when we’re in the thick and heavy part of REleasing and Forgiving and Loving ourselves it can be scary and overwhelming.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, that doesn’t resonate with Unconditional Love will be allowed to stay if we Truly commit to embark on the path of Spirit.  There are no shortcuts.  There is no negotiating or bargaining.  It is easy if you let go and hard if you don’t but when it’s done and the Light comes shining through the veil just a little bit brighter it is such a Joyous occasion to BEhold!  It can’t be described in words rather it’s an Emotion and it has to be allowed – it’s a Universal Law, after all (if you don’t know the 7 Universal Laws it is crucial that you learn: .  It’s a stillness of Peace and Balance that stems from an infinite Love and the anticipation of a Joyous REunion with our Creator, our Loved ONEs, our Masters, and our Angels.  It is a Peaceful sea of Love in the moment of NOW where they are Everywhere present and waiting to connect with each and every ONE of us.  It’s so important right now, as things are surfacing so quickly, to stay in our Heart and Free from fear but sometimes it can’t be helped if one is processing because it’s part of the “Ascension” process.  And, it IS a process.  Our “self-work” is never, ever done because we are Infinite, Eternal BEings of Love and we never stop Creating our very best Self.  It is, and always has been, our great Purpose and Honor for BEing right here, right now.  It’s such an Amazing time to BE Alive and IN LOVE.    I AM so in Love with each and every ONE of you.  I AM Overjoyed to BE Here…

Music to drive it Home:

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Know Thyself…


Artwork by Josephine Wall:

Welcome to the New Age!  The Mr. and I have been out in the “field” being of service to others so I’m back with new insights.  It’s been a tough go for a lot of people and I found myself with a bit of writer’s block in wanting to bring my oh, SO sunny disposition to my blog.  It wasn’t going to happen just yet.  We’ve been doing what I can only describe as…battle.

There’s an overwhelming amount of negative energy coming up in the “field” to be processed and released in order to lift the veil of subconscious existence that has blanketed the planet.  It’s come to my attention, sort of like a ton of bricks hitting you over the head because that’s how stubborn I am, that Love and fear cannot co-exist.  I tried skating over it with my “new age” philosophies in tow but the people we are working with aren’t having it that way and that’s Good!  It is a great Honor in this Life to own our experiences and the emotions that come with it.  No ONE else can do this work but SELF.  There is not a place to run or hide and there are no boundaries or deadlines that can be placed on this kind of Self work.  It is the ONLY work that matters in the whole big scheme of things which is a little hard for many of us to get next to.

We keep it “stupid simple” around here so the point of the whole things is to Know Thyself.  There is a golden treasure of Beauty and Experience that lies in each of us and it is such a great journey of self discovery when we Allow ourselves the privilege of our experience.  If we can find the ONE missing piece, that thing at the core of each of us that keeps us from BEing truly free, we are DOing Everything!  No matter how traumatized the root is, the tree it is still alive and breathing which means that it Survived.  We can’t fight what we are fighting not to see so it takes a tremendous amount of Courage to go deep withIN and face our deepest, darkest fears.  Whatever lies beneath will turn out to be your Greatest Strength and your Greatest Accomplishment because you are Here to tell about it.  There are people who care.  We all have so much value and wisdom to share with one another and there are so many connections yet to be made.  Whatever it is, you are Forgiven.  It is that simple.

We have to be supportive of one another and the baggage we all bring to the table.  We can’t turn a blind eye anymore to suffering and trauma that is going on around us.  If we Truly want to be of service it means that we can’t “pick and choose” our battles.  It doesn’t matter if we are only being of service to “self” right now if it means Self is Healing.  We are ALL in REcovery from something and sometimes our “enemy” is behind the lines where it can’t be coaxed out so easily.  We all have different ways of dealing with stress and trauma so we need to understand that some people may need a little more attention, whether they “bring you down” or not.  If we are coming from Pure Love, the Divine kind of Love we all seek, then we are operating from our Hearts where kindness and patience Live.  Maybe you aren’t the ONE to help another but you know who can and that’s okay too because you’re still being of service to someone who needs support.  Sometimes it’s “out of our pay grade” but we can’t give up because if we give up on each other we are giving up on our Divinity.  In a Limitless world we cannot but limitations on other people and that includes getting them to “fall in line” with a specific way of BEing or DOing.  There is no “school of Life” where everyone in attendance learns the same thing at the same time.  Our weaknesses are our Assets and we will never be Truly invincible without them.   Grieve, cry, or rage if you have to but there is not more “punishment” to be handed out – only a great deal of resolution and understanding that needs to come about if we are to Unite.  There can be no Balance without a deep, long, Loving look inside and we are all here together to see each other through.  That’s the Tao and the yin/yang and the “battle plan” all rolled up into a nice, easy ball…

If you don’t know who your are, find out, YOU are so Worth it!

Music to drive it home (it’s time to wake up, sleepyheads):

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Joy to the World!  I Feel something so Amazing in the Air!  I’ve heard the word “different” over and over.  I understand there are NO coincidences.

We are here, working.  Spreading our Light and Love to the planet.  We are going deeper and deeper withIN and finding more and more Love.  I can See and Feel it blasting out from my BEing and changing the structure of the Universe as the Light builds and builds.  The darkness can hide no longer.  The Light is Transparency and Truth, Love and Unity, Peace and Harmony for ALL BEings.

I’m watching the news.  I really try not to as I don’t want to give my energy to the negativity.  The government is going withIN and it is imploding.  They are trying to figure out how much to “tell” us, the general population.  There is only ONE answer…EVERYTHING!

Hold on for the ride.  We have reached the pinnacle of the roller coaster and no one knows which way we are going but it’s time to Let Go of the safety bar.  Put your hands up in the Air.  Feel the tickle in your stomach and the anticipation for the ride of your Life.  Yes, you’ve been waiting for this moment with a sense of fear and anxiety but now the spotlight is on and it’s time to take the stage.  This is the moment you’ve been waiting for even before you knew you were waiting for it.  Everything in your entire Life has led up to this very moment.  The momentum is building and it’s time to take a deep breath, REmember to stay centered in Joy, and try to keep your eyes open so you don’t miss anything along the way.   REmember how you planned and planned for this experience.  You’ve been thinking about it for so long you almost thought it would never happen.  But you want it to and that’s why you manifested it this very way.  We’re almost there!  Just Let Go…

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Where I Come From…


Where I come from and where I’m going are ONE and the same.  I don’t know if I will feel my Home again here on Earth where my feet touch the ground or when I leave this Wondrous place and join the company of Heaven.  There are many things I don’t know but there are also many things that I REmember…

We have to begin challenging ourselves and our belief systems at this point in our Human history.  If we begin to challenge ourselves and our belief systems we will begin to see the patterns of behavior set in place as defense mechanisms in how we deal with ourselves and others.  We can begin to see how much of our mind is in the machine and how much the machine is affecting Humanity and Mother Earth.  When we get our mind out of the machine we can begin to challenge the machine and the powers that were and Create something Divine.

Where I come from and where I’m going are ONE and the same.

Where I come from the Moon and the Stars are so close you can almost reach out and touch them because the Air is crisp and clean.  Where I come from the Flowers bloom in a constant cycle of Brilliant Colors unimaginable to the Human eye.  There is Prosperity and Equality for ALL Life.  There is an endless Abundance of food and medicine from the Earth who Provides all her children with everything they need to survive.  Where I come from it is not only a constitutional “right” but a Divine Right to pursue Life, Happiness, and Freedom from oppression.  Where I come from the Universal Laws are the only laws.  There is no pavement to choke the Earth from Her Breath and no toxic waste to soil her Waters and shores.  The Earth is a playground of Mystery and Magic.  Where I come from we communicate through our Emotions and our Empathetic Nature because there are no words to describe the depths of our Joyful Emotions.  All of our Emotions come from the energy that sparked our very Creation which is the energy of Unconditional Love.  There is no fear, nor jealousy, nor lust, nor envy, nor death as we know that the Universe wants to Provide for us and we are Worthy of being Provided for.  There is no need to protect oneself from harm, criticism, judgement,  or negativity because we Live in the transparency of Truth and Love.  There is an Unconditional Love and Acceptance for ALL Life in the multiverse   We Live our Lives to the fullest from our Hearts as they all beat in sync with one another and all Life in the multiverse   We sing and laugh and play every day as we search for the keys to unlock all the hidden wonders of Life because we know that to Live one must always accept change in order to Evolve, Learn, and Grow.  There is an endless supply of Knowledge and Wisdom to choose the path that peaks your Curiosity and Wonder.  We are in Awe of one another’s experiences and titillated to hear the details of  Amazing journeys undertaken in some of  the harshest of conditions in order to Grow in Spirit.   We are fiercely Loyal to those we Love but know that sometimes Love means letting go for to Love is to have Eternal Life.   Where I come from children are our greatest masters and teachers as ALL women are Mothers to the Children of Earth for to deny our Empathy and Love is to deny our very Soul.  We mirror the Beauty we see in one another’s Soul always searching to find more Beauty in the other as the Beauty of Life is endless.  We work in Harmony with one another, with Nature, and with the God and Goddess who are ever present in every decision we make which is always for the Greater Good in the Spirit of Love and Life.  Where I come from we Thrive in the gentle flow and rhythms of Bliss and Happiness ever Grateful for what we have and ever mindful of doing harm unto another or the multiverse.

Where I come from and where I’m going are ONE and the same…I AM an Angel of Earth, I AM a Mother to all the children of Earth, I AM from Heaven and Heaven shall return to me.

Music to drive it Home (As above, so below):

Justin Timberlake ~ Mirrors

gaia mother

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Our Purpose is to Heal…


There’s much going on right now.  It’s easy to get caught up in the drama of it all.  It’s easy to raise your hands to the Heavens and cry “why?” or “where are you, God?”.  It’s easy to forget why we’re here.  Our Purpose…

Even if you’re Awake and Aware these are very stressful times.  Even if you are one of the very Fortunate people who understand that there is a Divine Plan well under way it is still a “difficult” time.  We are all in Humanity working very, very hard right now.  It doesn’t matter if you are working on being Awake or working on staying asleep, we’re all still just trying to work our way through the labyrinth of it all.   Some of us know that there are things that may happen for people to Awaken their Souls to Gaia and God.  Some of us are busy blaming other people for the tragedies that have happened of late.  Some of us are questioning our Faith.  Some of us are thinking of committing more atrocious acts to make up for the atrocious acts that have already been committed.  Some of us are thinking “an eye for an eye”.  What one thinks, we all think…we are ONE.  What we do to another is what we do unto ourselves.  Our Purpose, right now and Ever More, is to Heal.  We have to REmember why we are here with Gaia right now at this Divine time and place in our Human history.  We are here to Heal ourselves and our Mother so that we can can Evolve into Human Angels.  It doesn’t matter where you work, where you live, or how much money you make.  It doesn’t matter what “religion” you subscribe to or where you go to church for there is only ONE religion and that religion is Unconditional Love.  Where else does the common thread of everything that is the Universe live?  There is only ONE place you can find it all and that is Love.

We Heal with Love.  We embrace our Purpose by Healing ourselves, first and foremost.  We Heal one another by learning to Trust with our Hearts wide open.  We have to know beyond measure that we are Beautiful, Worthy, and Loved.  We have to make sure everyone else we meet knows that they are Beautiful, Worthy, and Loved.  If they can’t “hear” you then Heal them by Healing yourself.  Things become so “complicated” sometimes and it does us all well to become once again grounded with Mother Earth.  She whispers her answers in the wind and she whispered to me today.  I’ve been getting caught up in the “drama” because I know there is a Shift and I’m anxious for others to know as well but this is not the way I want it to come about.  I know this isn’t the way you want it to come about either.  I want Peace.  I want Happiness.  I want Love.  I was led to ho’oponopono and I knew that this was the way that we could begin to Heal from these latest traumas.  And, they ARE traumas!  They cause us all to feel fragmented even if we say we aren’t going to let it enter our emotional field it still gets in.  So, in Moon Hippie Mystic style, I simplify.

If it is in your “field” at all it is there for you to Heal it.  If it is in your mainstream news field then Heal it.  If it is in your emotional field then Heal it.  If you are in Syria, Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Cyprus, the Vatican, or the United States then Heal it.  If it is around you it is there for you to Heal.  We are evolving right now in many ways…Spiritually, Genetically, and Emotionally.  We need to have Emotional Intelligence right now.  It is simple…

I’m sorry

Please Forgive ME

Thank YOU


We are the ones we have been waiting for and we have to begin to come together in Humanity and Heal before we will ever know what else is “out there”.  We are a shining example of a Love that is so Divine it is beyond measure across the multi-verse.  We can send out vibrations of Love and rift the fragments of Time into something Beautiful and Divine.  WE have that Power. The Power of Unconditional Love.  It’s the ONLY thing that every single one of us has in common.  We can start there.  We can Heal from there.  Everything you see and feel is a by-product of what we, together, have Created.  Now, we have an opportunity to take the ONE thing we ALL have in common and use it to Create Heaven on Earth.  It is our Birthright.  It is Beautiful.  It is Divine.  It belongs to US.  It is simple…

I AM Divine and I AM ONE with God and Humanity.  I AM LOVE.  I AM Life.  I AM anywhere and everywhere.  I AM all that is.  I AM Healing Me, Healing You, Healing Me.  I AM Loving Me, Loving You, Loving Me.

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21 Grams…


Genesis 1: In the Beginning God Created the Heavens and the Earth.

There are “stories” throughout Time and History including religious stories so I’ve decided to tell the story of the Soul.  In the Beginning “God” Created the Heavens and the Earth.  In the Beginning there was dark matter, something that Scientists are just beginning to understand.    It was a huge Scientific discovery last year with the discovery of the Higgs boson particle also known as “The God Particle”.  There are some long drawn-out explanations for this discovery but basically what it means is that dark matter isn’t just empty space as they once thought.  In theory, it tells us that “something” can come from “nothing”.  Which means that dark matter is not really “nothing” but Energy, the Energy that sparked Creation.  This means there was a spark which is when all of the Universe was Created.  Now imagine this spark of Creation lighting up the “Heavens” and forming stars, and planets, and solar systems, and galaxies and everything that we know about in the Universe.

When the Universe was Created there was Sound or “The Word of God” and there was great noise, chaos, and friction as the Universe began to take shape and form.  The Universe reached vast distances and formed all of the Cosmos.  Sparks and frequencies of Light and Energy are forming and perfecting themselves over and over.  The Heavens rumbled as material smashed and particles accelerated.  Now, imagine that this sound and this light are both the same Energy.  In other words, we know that Unconditional Love has a “Sound” and it’s 528 Hertz, right?  We also know that Unconditional Love has its own Energy and Vibration which is also known as “torsion wave energy”.  From this place of Consciousness, we can tie in what Scientists have discovered and what our religious scholars teach us.  We also know that Love is Light and speaking of Light, we measure a great many things by Light don’t we?  Specifically, we measure the distance of things in Space by the Speed of Light and Unconditional Love is also known as the Light as in “Seeing the Light” which is clarity.  So, in all of this it should be clear that there is Science in Spirituality and Spirituality in Science.

We on Mother Earth don’t know for certain how long the Universe has been around but they say about 13.77 billion years, roughly.  They also ascertain that Mother Earth is 4.54 billion years which, if she were an “Earth” woman, would make her in the prime of her Youth and Beauty.  We know that Mother Earth was Created in the Universe from the spark of Creation that is Unconditional Love and then Mother Earth gave birth to the plants, the trees, the oceans, the mountains, the rivers, the canyons, the animals, the fish, the birds, the clouds, the lightening, the thunder, the fire…you get the point.  But, what they in Science are beginning to understand is that Mother Earth has her own vibrations of Energy and she also has a Heartbeat that can be seen from outer space.  No one can be really sure how long there has been intelligent Life on Earth but they are beginning to put more and more pieces of the puzzle together.  As we have come to share more and more information with one another they have found evidence that there were civilizations who lived on Earth before the civilizations that we know of.  They have found older and older relics indicating that there has been Life here for longer than we think.  But for now we can stick with the history we do know which is that the oldest known civilization is around 12,000 B.C. which means that human civilization is but a mere baby in the womb of its Mother who is anxiously awaiting its arrival.  It’s quite dark in the womb and there has been quite a dark cloud of “Energy” surging around our Planet for about 5,125 years or so according to the Mayan Prophecies of REbirth.

“We” have searched for “God” for a long time and I know I for one felt very “abandoned”.  So, in this searching for “religion” I was never told about the Soul but I have come to Learn quite a bit about it now.  Mother Earth has a Soul which is her own special vibration of Energy, Light, and Sound and this is specific to her as there is no other planet in the Universe just like Mother Earth.  They speculate that there are 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, or 300 sextillion stars in the Universe so who knows how many planets rotate around all of those stars.  The point I’m trying to make is that of everything that is in the Cosmos there is just one of Her.  She is our Mother and we are made in her image as we are made of her elements and she is the Giver of Life.  So, from this one spark of Creation Mother Earth Created Humanity!  Here we are and we are all the same and we all have this one thing we “forgot” about which is this Spark of Creation that Lives inside each and every one of us.  And, we know that the Light, Sound, and Energy that sparked Creation was Unconditional Love which is also “Source”.

What does this mean for you?  Well, it means that your Soul has traveled 13.77 Billion years so you could be sitting here reading about who you ARE and where you COME FROM.  Did you forget?  I did.  Okay, so think of Mother Earth sitting out in the Cosmos on the edge on the Milky Way Galaxy and suddenly a dark wave of energy comes and engulfs the Planet cutting her off from “Source”.  In other words, Mother Earth is caught in a wave of negative energy and since Source is Light, Energy, and Sound this energy has no way to reach her for 5,125 years.  During this 5,125 years civilizations came and went and as we come closer to the present time we forgot more and more who we were and where we came from because we have also been consumed by this dark, negative energy.  As we became more and more separated from this Light Energy we became more and more separated from our “God”, our Mother, and each other.  So, as this “negative” energy consumes our Planet it also enshrouds her children in the darkness of her womb where we kick and scream to be Seen by “God”.  We fight one another for food, water, and Soul nourishment because it’s dark and we’re scared of the dark, aren’t we ?  But, as it has always been and will always be the only constant thing in the Universe is change and it is Time for a Change.  On December 21, 2012 we passed the Galactic Center of the Milky Way Galaxy and the Crystalline Grid of Mother Earth was filled with the Light, Love, and “Sound” of the Creator.  This is the same thing that happens when you turn on a Light in a pitch dark room, the Light “transmutes” the dark.

As we are the Children of Mother Earth and our Soul is a very small yet ever important piece of Source we in Humanity are also being flooded with Light.  When you think of it this way you can imagine your Soul, that may have been forgotten about, ignite with Fire and Passion or you may feel a tingling feeling in your groin or stomach because you know deep inside that this is True.  This piece inside of each and every one of us is Unique and Special and it is the piece inside of us that connects us with the Soul of Mother Earth as she is  the Giver of Life on our Planet and we can also extend this connection to “Source” or God…the Beginning.  But, more importantly, it means that you and I are in possession of a piece of the Source that is the All of Creation!

There was a study done once that tried to measure the weight of the Soul and it was determined, not proven, that it weighs approximately 21 grams.  That’s 21 grams of Pure Light which is the “God” stuff, the Soul.  This means each and every one of us contains 21 grams of Pure Unconditional Love which is right inside of us.  This is where we connect the Soul with the Heart…our emotions.  Now we know that Source is the emotion of Unconditional Love which is also Sound, Light, and Energy which means that it has its own frequency and vibration.  There are a great many sayings in regards to Unconditional Love but I will simplify it by saying it is PURE which means there is no “negativity” in Unconditional Love. We also know that Light transmutes dark and this is proven by the simple “experiment” mentioned above where we know that when we turn on a Light in a dark room the darkness leaves.  What this means, to me, is that God is “Energy”, the Energy of Unconditional Love and when this Light shines on the “darkness” that resides within us it is our EGO that is being called into question within ourselves.  If God is Unconditional Love than there is no judgement that lies within and it is our “job”, in order to REmember our Soul, to KNOW this without question so that we may begin to Forgive ourselves and others.  In other words, we traveled 13.77 Billion years to be here in this moment on Mother Earth who has been enshrouded in darkness which wasn’t her fault or anyone else’s for that matter.  We began to behave the way we did because we were separated from Source due to this negative energy and all we have to do to reach God is REmember that we are Divine Beings and have been all along.  In this Light, it would make some of the problems we are experiencing right now seem quite small and very temporary.  We know not what we “do” without this Light so we should be able to open our Hearts and Souls at this point in order to transmute the negative energy we may still be carrying around with us from “before”.  From this perspective, it makes the “anger” one may have toward an ex-wife/husband, our parents, employer, friend, or telemarketer seem quite small and silly, right?  Please know that I’m not calling Life’s challenges “silly” by any means but I also know that when I figured this out I felt a bit “stupid” for a minute because I was so hurt and angry about what had been “done unto me” by others.  But, I AM a Divine Being with a Soul that has traveled the Cosmos and has known this Unconditional Love for billions of years…I just forgot like 99.9% of the population.  Either way, our Souls have traveled all this way to Experience these things in order to Learn, Grow, and Perfect ourselves just like Mother Earth, the Universe, and “God”.

We ALL know “God” because we ARE “God”, in theory.  We are each a Beautiful, Individual, Special, and Unique Gift so in order to unwrap this Profound Gift all we have to do is shed our dark and negative energy…our Ego.  Our ego is the cause of a Great many “tragedies” that are going on right now so it is up to us to REmember that we have this Spark of Light and Love inside of us which is capable of transmuting all of the dark energy we see and feel.  If there are 300 sextillion stars that Light up the Universe we can also think of ourselves as stars that Light up Mother Earth…each one with its own Soul and Purpose that makes up the Whole of Humanity as we are all ONE.  We are each pieces of the Circle of Life and together we form a Complete picture of the God stuff.  Imagine what we could do if instead of putting our “egos” together we put our Hearts and Souls together?  We are ALL capable of Seeing and Feeling “God” by just REmembering that deep inside of us is this 21 Grams of Unconditional Love and Light.  Our Mother Earth is also going through this process of transmuting the dark energy that we have been living in (which by definition could also be termed “hell” as explained in many religious texts) and we can assist her and each other just by raising the vibration or our Energy to one of Unconditional Love.  Let us begin…Begin by recognizing the Soul and linking it to the Heart.  Then, begin to transmute darkness by releasing yourself of the lower density energies of guilt, shame, fear, unworthiness, and abandonment by Forgiving yourself and those around you.  Begin to Love yourself and others without condition which is also a Great form of Freedom!  Unconditional Love is the True Source of Creation and Creative Energy so when we are in this “place” things begin to flow more easily than they ever did when we were in “negative energy” or ego.  Change is scary as it is unknown and that is what keeps us holding on to things that bring us negativity in Life but I will say from experience that it’s much easier to turn upside-down in the chrysalis to become the Butterfly than it is to continue to “fight” trying to hold onto the energies that cause me unhappiness and stress.

There is an Art to Life.  An Art and a Beauty to Life if you Learn how to Live it the Right way!  We can never begin to See and Feel  this Divine Love and Beauty if we don’t See and Feel our Hearts and Souls…our emotions.  We reach “God” by FEELING our emotions, specifically the emotions of Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, and Gratitude.  We say “I Love You” all the time to our loved ones but begin to actually FEEL it within yourself when you say it.  We say we “forgive” others but in order to Truly forgive it means that you are in essence “letting go” of the negative emotions that surround the person or situation you are forgiving so when you Forgive with emotion you will feel the weight of this “problem” lift and you will FEEL Lighter.  When you say Thank You be sure to allow yourself to actually FEEL the emotion of Gratitude which is a Gift in and of itself.  This is also known as Spiritual practice and it does take practice because you must allow yourself to FEEL it.  We have been engulfed in this negative energy and we don’t want to FEEL it anymore but in order to release it we have to recognize it so we can let it go thereby opening the door to what we have all been seeking which is “God” or the ever-present question of “purpose”.  Our Purpose is REmembering our Soul and aligning it with our Hearts so that we will flow with Unconditional Love for ourselves, each other, and Mother Earth thereby connecting us with “God”. It’s so very simple that all we have to do to find what we have all been seeking is to Choose LOVE and this Love is like a contagious virus that will Light up Mother Earth and each other transmuting the darkness we have known for 5,125 years and Creating “Heaven on Earth”.  I’ve found in this Journey that Truth really is stranger than fiction so to find out that the only thing that has been “missing” in Science and Spirituality is only 21 grams seems much more fiction than Truth.  No matter how big or small you may think 21 grams is the Truth in our Reality is that this 21 Grams is all that really matters!  Not only are we “God” but we have helped Create this entire Universe (and maybe other “multi”verses).  We may have even traveled the Cosmos and Learned from other civilizations on other planets because it is only our “ego” that tells us we are the only ones in the Universe.  With 300 Sextillion Stars in the Universe it is actually quite IMpossible that we are the only planet in the Universe that has “Intelligent” Life.   We can See and Feel these things just by recognizing that we have 21 Grams of Perfection and Unconditional Love right inside of us that has traveled the Universe for 13.77 billion years just to be Right Here, Right now.  This means we have Lived forever and ever and will continue to Live Forever and Ever and Ever.  We traveled all this way so that we may be REunited with “God” and to help Mother Earth transmute this negative energy so that we can all return to our Home which is our Birthright.  What is this Birthright you ask?  Well, Heaven on Earth, of course!  How Profound is that?

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Dear Mr. President…


My name  is Jennifer and I have something to say.  I am one of a great many people who call themselves “Lightworkers”.  We did not decide to present ourselves with this title rather it is a Calling that we have chosen to answer in order to Create a better World for ourselves and all of Humanity.  We have chosen to become Consciously Aware, follow the Universal Laws, and Live our Lives from our Hearts rather than our egos.  We seek a path of knowledge and understanding in order to increase our Awareness and the Awareness of those around us.  We have chosen to turn ourselves upside-down from the “reality” we have learned in order to embrace a new way of thinking and BEing.  We have chosen Spirit=Heart in order to put ourselves into the Universal flow of the Creator so that we may Co-Create a New Earth and a new way of Life that is fair and equal for all Citizens of Mother Earth.  There are a great many things “we” have chosen to do for this cause and we recognize the Beauty of our Individuality and what Unique and Special Gifts we each bring to the table.  It is not about “competition” or “labels” but about embracing diversity, for us.  Most importantly, we Understand that we are ALL ONE in Humanity and if just one of us suffers we all suffer.  Now that you know “who” I AM I would like to have a moment to “speak”.

I would like to suggest that we withdraw all of our troops from all foreign countries and have them returned Home to their families.  What has been Created from this war, and all wars, is terror, fragmentation, PTSD, and of course death including the deaths of a great many civilians.  This American public firmly believes that this war started with an act of terrorism on 9/11/2001 but is it not True that this war started long before this act was committed and that the United States has become one of the biggest bullies on the Planet?  We have become an “elitist” society and in looking at all of the fights that we’ve picked or decided to get involved in we have become no better than Hitler’s own army.  Please understand that I Honor the soldiers who have fought and died for this country and also wish for my cousin to return home from Afghanistan in one piece, both physically and emotionally.  The soldiers, and the general population for that matter, has not been given all of the information necessary to make an educated decision in regards to the wars that have been fought so I have the utmost respect for those who decided to “fight” for our Country.  However, is it also not true that when the United States invaded Iraq the American public was told that it was in retaliation for 9/11 but in fact Iraq had nothing to do with this attack?  And, is it also possible that this war is about resources that belong to ALL of us who are Citizens of Mother Earth and when the United States initiated this attack they did not hit the intended “target” and approximately 90% of those killed were civilians…Mothers and their Children included?

I will also be Honest in saying that I have become somewhat “embarrassed” as a citizen of this country in watching the bickering going on daily in Washington.  It is like watching children fight over toys in the sandbox because none of the things that are being argued over come close to being a solution to the problem.  It has become a game over which side is right and which side is wrong when there are no winners or losers here…only a great deal of problems to be resolved.  Obviously, one of the biggest problems to be solved is the ever dwindling economy and the corporate greed that has become so commonplace the government has decided to take a slice of that pie for themselves.  I hear you argue over our economic situation and I watch you create new problems for to argue over in their place.  There are 535 representatives who say they speak for the American people but I see you speaking for those who seek money only for themselves and see the rest of the population as below their standards if they haven’t figured out how to get a piece of that pie.  Again, we have become an elitist society.  Which goes back to the above paragraph in wondering how much money we would save if we just stopped fighting the entire world?  We spend more and more money on fighting and killing one another while our taxes are raised, our benefits are lowered, our fear is evident, and people around the world go without food, water, or shelter.  Perhaps we should all go Home, apologize for the acts of terror WE have committed, forgive “those who trespass against us” in hopes they will also forgive us, and try to pull ourselves together right here.

I would like to know what is really going on with the economy and wonder if the government is “of the people, by the people, and for the people” there are so many secrets?  I would like to put it out there that the American people should demand and receive Full Disclosure on ALL things so I’ve thought of a way to make that happen.  I would like to make a Call to Action in asking the American people to protest quietly at Home by just staying Home for 1 day.  I wonder what would happen to your economy if the entire country opted to stay home from work, not purchase anything, and not drive their vehicle for just one day?  Would this be enough of a protest to force your offices to finally be Honest with the American people about all the “wars” we’ve been fighting, the reasons behind them, and the TRUE state of our economy.  Would we find out that Fort Knox really is empty, the Federal Reserve is “worthless”, and the paper we have been passing around as money, the paper we are “fighting” over, is just that…paper?  Would we also find out that the U.S. government has their fingers in the pies of “big business” including pharmaceuticals, our ever-failing healthcare system, and financial institutions so that you can pay for your wars and the greed of the top 1% of the population (which includes you and your “officers” by the way)?

Regardless of the tone of this letter I believe you were the better choice in this election although I didn’t vote for you.  In fact, I will Proudly say I didn’t vote at all because I decided from a place of Conscious Awareness that I couldn’t vote anyone into a government which has long since outgrown itself and taken the country with it.  The U.S. Constitution was ratified in 1776 and I see the government stand by this document even though it is only followed by “convenience”.  If we are such an “evolved” society I would like to know why the African American community was made to suffer for close to 200 years after this document was written.  I would also like to point out that when this document was written the population in the U.S. was roughly 2.5 Million whereas today it is roughly 317 Million so this tells me we have clearly outgrown this document and this government.  I wonder what kind of document we would come up with today given our population and our current state of affairs?  I would like to think that we could come up with an Intelligent document that represents not just the U.S. but the entire Planet for this is the only Home any of us knows.  How long does the government think that we can continue to kill one another and strip our Planet of her resources before we ourselves become extinct.  There is a balance to nature and it appears to me that this government has learned nothing of our own history..the history of the World.  In all civilizations in all of history there has never been one to survive the quest for power and there has never been one to survive once they consumed their own resources.

My friends and I understand that we are Divine Beings and as such we are the Creators of our Universe.  I would like you to know that “we” in Humanity have Created our own “apocalyptic” situation by not understanding this very basic of Universal Laws.  If we are “looking” for WW3 it has already happened because in researching the statistics of the number of people have been killed around the world due to war in the last 10 years (and not just our own) the numbers are Overwhelming, not to mention those who have died from lack of food, medicine, shelter, and environmental conditions.  There are those of us who understand that by removing ourselves from this “fear” that has been Created we can and WILL change the World by Manifesting something New which reflects ALL of our Divine Rights and takes ALL of our Rights into consideration.  If the World knew this very “Secret” we would surely be able to Manifest Heaven on Earth including weather conditions, environmentally safe energy, and sustainable Living conditions.  This will be accomplished one way or another and I for one would like the Shift to be easier for all and this requires a speaking of the Truth so that we can begin to make educated, rational decisions that are best for all involved which is ALL of Humanity and ALL Citizens of Mother Earth.  If we are to be the America that we claim to be than it is up to us to set an example for the World to See…an example of Love, Peace, Kindness, and Happiness.  There is Abundance enough for us ALL and it is our birthright to share this Planet and Honor the Gifts she has given us.  This can be Accomplished!  Let it be…Namaste!

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